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LCK Matches Disrupted By Severe DDoS Attacks

League of Legends fans are enraged with Riot after continued DDoS attacks ultimately led to LCK matches being postponed.

Massive DDoS attacks have impacted the remainder of this week's LCK matches. 

Earlier today, LCK content creator and journalist Ashley Kang announced that the remaining LCK matches this week will all be held privately due to a DDoS attack. 

The first attack happened earlier on February 28, interrupting a T1 match. The unpredictable patterns and methods of the incoming attacks forced the game to be paused. 

An official LCK update read: "After negotiations with the team, LCK has decided to run game one until completion even if the pauses continue. Meanwhile, T1 vs FOX game two will be rescheduled to another date." 

Unfortunately, the DDoS attacks continued to get worse. Eventually, Kang explained that the remainder of the LCK matches held this week would be played in private. They would then be recorded and broadcasted at a later date. 

What Is the DDoS Attack on the LCK?

Unfortunately, the disrupted matches on February 28 are not the first time that DDoS attacks have been discussed in South Korea. The Korean League server has been plagued by DDoS attacks for the last two months, according to Kang. These attacks made it difficult for some players to train in solo queue, including Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok.


Despite the attacks continuing for months, it seemed like Riot had no response. Fans started getting vocal, accusing Riot of not doing anything for weeks despite the growing concern over the disruptions. Some felt that the appropriate preventative measures were not taken to avoid such severe DDoS attacks during the LCK matches. 

Riot has yet to make an official response aside from the LCK matches going private for this week. 

A DDoS attack, or Distributed Denial of Service attack, is when someone attempts to disrupt services by flooding the network with an abundance of requests. This overtakes the network's capacity, making it near impossible for normal requests to function properly. With traffic disrupted, it's basically impossible to play on the Korean League servers without a severe amount of lag and other problems. 

No solution to the incoming attacks has been made public just yet.