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When Is Palworld Coming to PlayStation 5? Your Complete Palworld Console Guide

Palworld is the most popular game of 2024 but will it become even bigger by coming to more consoles? Here's what we know so far.

Palworld has become a cultural phenomenon and already boasts nearly 20 million players. But this is only on PC and Xbox. If you feel left out, here's what we know about Palworld coming to other consoles so far. 

What Consoles Is Palworld Currently On? 

Palworld is currently only available on PC through Steam, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. 

It's possible that Palworld will be available on even more consoles when it's out of Early Access. 

Is Palworld on the Game Pass?

Palworld is currently on the Game Pass. This was confirmed a week before the game launched. 

Will Palworld Come to PS5? 

It's possible that Palworld will come to the PlayStation 5. Pocketpair confirmed that this was the company's plan in a Discord FAQ. 

On Pocketpair's official Discord, the company stated Palworld being on PS5 "will be considered during development." This doesn't seem out of the realm of possibilities since it would run well on PlayStation 5 and create an even bigger fanbase. If it does end up on PS5, it's likely to also be on PS4. 

The reason that Palworld isn't already on PlayStation 5 is most likely because Palworld is a day-one exclusive for Xbox Game Pass. This means Microsoft may have some deal going on. 

palworld fight

Will Palworld Be on the Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch players are also missing out on the survival action. While Unreal Engine 5 is compatible on the Nintendo Switch, the game may not run optimally. It's also questionable if Nintendo would want Palworld on its console after the copyright accusations

If Nintendo does end up wanting Palworld on its consoles, it may be better suited for the rumored Nintendo Switch 2 instead. 

Is Microsoft Buying Palworld? 

There is currently no official information on the potential of Microsoft buying Palworld's developer Pocketpair. But some financial experts are predicting that this is a definite possibility. There's already some type of deal between Pocketpair and Microsoft, which is why it's exclusively on Game Pass — it's definitely possible that Microsoft will want to expand on this deal and keep the popular game for themselves. 

Why Do Console Players Have Delayed Patches? 

The most recent patch was immediately added to the PC version of Palworld but developers noted that it would be implemented into the Xbox version as soon as possible. 

Developers have admitted that the console version of the game is "three to six months" outdated compared to Steam. Players have noticed that there are things missing in the console version but it's currently unclear exactly how far behind it is compared to those on PC.