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How to Find and Breed Jetragon in Palworld

Want a dragon on your team? Jetragon is one of the best mounts in the game. Here's how to find, capture, and breed this incredible Pal.

Jetragon has remained one of the most popular and recognizable Pals in Palworld thanks to its badass design and powerful moves. If you want to add this Dragon to your team, here's our complete guide. 

Where to Find Jetragon in Palworld

You can only find Jetragon in one place, the volcanic region known as Ruined Fortress City of Mount Obsidian. This spot is located north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point. 

The easiest way to get to this city is to scale the walls with an upgraded Grappling Gun. 

Jetragon Palworld guide


How to Beat and Capture Jetragon in Palworld

Jetragon is a difficult Pal to take down. Right when you come near this celestial Dragon it will attack immediately. And Jetragon attacks swiftly and powerfully. 

Before heading into Jetragon's territory, make sure you have the best weapons and armor equipped. Bring Legendary and Ultra spheres with you as well. 

As a Dragon type, Jetragon is weak to Ice types. Bring some tough Ice Pals with you, including Chillet and Frostallion. These Pals will do extra damage to Jetragon while also resisting Dragon attacks. 

How to Breed Jetragon in Palworld

Once you have a Jetragon on your team, you can use this powerful Dragon to build up your team without having to go out and battle Pals. 

Here are some of the best breeding combinations for Jetragon in Palworld: 

Jetragon + Gorirat = Anubis

Jetragon + Beegarde = Anubis

Jetragon + Grintale = Mammorest

Jetragon + Frostallion = Cryolinx

Jetragon + Jormuntide = Helzephyr

Jetragon + Broncherry = Wumbo Botan

Jetragon + Grizzbolt = Astegon

If you breed two Jetragon, you can get an even stronger Jetragon. Make sure you pick two Jetragon with impressive stats and they will hatch even stronger Jetragons with the strengths you desire. Here's what you'll need to breed Jetragon and your other Pals in Palworld.