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How to Find and Breed Anubis in Palworld

Palworld is full of popular Pals and this includes the Egyptian Ground Pal Anubis. Here is how to find Anubis, capture it, and breed Anubis.

Anubis has become one of the most desirable Pals in Palworld due to its status as a desert guardian as well as its strength and versatility in battle. Here is how to find Anubis, capture it, and breed it. 

Palworld has been rapidly growing into the most-talked-about and most-played game of 2024 despite copycat accusations. One of the recognizable Pals has been Anubis, which Pokémon fans have been comparing to Lucario. With his gold embellishments and Egyptian God-like details, it's no surprise this is a desirable Pal to have by your side. 

Where to Find Anubis In Palworld

You'll only find Anubis in one location: The Twilight Dunes. When you get there, you'll find Anubis walking around a Statue of Power. 

How to Beat and Capture Anubis in Palworld

When you find Anubis they will be an Alpha Pal, meaning there's only one in the game and they're strong. You'll need to fight Anubis to capture it. Here's how. 

Anubis is a Ground type, which is strong against Electric and weak to Grass, according to Palworld's type chart. Be prepared with a Grass-type Pal and avoid having any Electric, even strong ones, on your roster. 

On your end, have powerful guns by your side and enough ammo to take down a high-level Pal. You should also wear either heat or cold-resistant clothing depending on the time of day since deserts are super hot mid-day and freezing at night. 

Palworld Anubis breeding

How to Breed Anubis in Palworld

Anubis is a strong Pal in this survival game and great to have on your team. If you want to breed Anubis, you'll need to reach Level 19 to get the Breeding Farm and then acquire an egg incubator. 

Once you have everything ready, you'll need to get the two desired Pals you want to breed, ensuring they are both opposite genders. Here are the best Anubis breeding combos in Palworld: 

  • Penking and Bushi
  • Quivern and Chillet
  • Ragnahawk and Tombat
  • Kitsun and Jormuntide
  • Broncherry and Relaxaurus
  • Rushoar and Suzaku Aqua
  • Celeray and Menasting
  • Gobfin and Suzaku

Once you have the two Pals you need, put them in the Breeding Farm, give them a Breeding Farm Cake, and then let the breeding process begin. The Anubis egg will eventually arrive in the incubator if the conditions allow it.