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Palworld Version Patch Notes - Is the Game Still Crashing?

Gamers can’t stop talking about Palworld, whether it’s the possible upcoming lawsuit from Pokémon over allegedly copied designs or the fun gameplay and dark humor. With the game becoming such a hit, developers are continuing to keep the game updated. The latest is Version

Palworld received a patch on January 29, Version It’s small but it’s one step toward improving the game — part of a bigger road map full of big gameplay improvements and new content.

Here’s the update to the survival game on January 29.

Palworld January 29 Full Patch Notes: Version

Pocketpair has been updating the game quite frequently, trying to keep the game free of game-breaking bugs and frustrating issues. Here’s the latest hotfix, now live on Xbox and PC:

  • Xbox and Microsoft Store PC version v0.1.1.2 update has been released
  • Fixed some issues that negatively affected game stability
  • We will continue to place top priority on fixing major issues
Pyrin saddle Palworld

So yeah, nothing major. But the Xbox store should feel a bit better to navigate. The entire game should run a bit smoother and be more stable. Only time will tell, however, if players feel that the game has improved.

Some players have voiced concerns already, however. One fan noted that the patch didn’t fix a common issue with falling through different parts of the world, usually on Xbox. Another big concern are the dungeons. Many players noted that the game would simply and frustratingly crash when they entered a dungeon. Others noted that multiplayer was still causing a lot of crashes for them.

While there are definitely a lot of issues with the game crashing and not working as intended, players noted that Palworld is still in Early Access and has a long way to go.