The R6: Siege Deadzone Bug Explained

Controller R6: Siege players have been dealing with a weird problem for about a week now and Ubisoft's attempts to fix it have been ineffective.

Rainbow Six Siege fans all over social media are upset at Ubisoft for their inability to fix a bug causing severe issues for controller users. Despite being shown by players that their attempts to fix it have not worked, Ubisoft has continued to state that the issue has been fixed on multiple platforms.

The Deadzone Bug

Deadzone is a setting in games for controller users that allows them to set how much pressure needs to be applied to each analog stick for the game to register it as an input. The primary use of this is to help counteract stick drift on cheaper or well-used controllers.

In addition to helping with stick drift, good controller players will take advantage of this setting by lowering it all the way down to 0 to give themselves complete control over the analog stick. In a competitive FPS game like R6: Siege, being able to lower your controller deadzone all the way is crucial for many players.

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The deadzone bug currently plaguing controller users is that setting their deadzone to zero is not working. The issue was first reported on R6 Fix by the user YNVBU.

I play R6 with 0 right stick dead zone but after the new blood update my dead zone feels like it's on 5 again even though it's still on 0.


Anyone familiar with playing a shooter knows that even the slightest change from the settings you're used to can completely throw you off. A change in deadzone may as well be a change in DPI. This is a serious issue that needs to be fixed. It was first reported on June 11, 2024 and as of June 19 and multiple attempts from Ubisoft to fix it, it's still being reported as broken on R6 Fix.

A player showing their issue with deadzone in r6 siege
Example of no horizontal movement on zero deadzone / AH2EZ__

Players Are Upset

Many controller players are upset with Ubisoft's response to the bug. To Ubisoft's credit, they attempted to fix the bug very quickly. Those attempts, however, failed. Players told the developers the bug was still present and Ubisoft doubled down by posting the same response from their social media channels announcing it was fixed to the R6 Fix thread.

This is not necessarily a game breaking bug but it's one that will effect hardcore Siege console players. In 2024, the casual player base of Ubisoft's tactical FPS is not what it used to be, so a bug that makes hardcore players leave is one that Ubisoft has to be placing top priority on fixing.

Ben Fitzsimmons