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What We Know About Deimos in R6 Siege — Deadly Omen Operator

Deimos is the new operator coming in Y9S1. The first villain of Rainbow Six Siege, Deimos is going to be scary on the battlefield. Here's what we learned about him so far.

Rainbow Six Siege is getting a powerful and mysterious operator in Year 9 Season 1, Operation Deadly Omen. Here's everything you need to know about the first villain operator, Deimos. 

Who Is Deimos in Rainbow Six Siege?

Deimos is not a new character in the Rainbow Six Siege game. Gerald Morris, or Deimos, is a former Rainbow operative who became a villain once it was revealed he was the mastermind behind the assassination of Masayuki Yahata. He is also the catalyst behind the conflict between Rainbow and Nighthaven. 

The design of Deimos is inspired by Bass Reeves, a runaway slave turned gunslinger turned US Marshal in the 1870s. Reeves, who most notoriously took down outlaw Jim Webb, was known for using dual handguns or a Colt 45 peacemaker. 

R6 Deadly Omen Deimos

Deimos Device and Abilities

Deimos' device is US military-inspired, the Nano flying drone. This device is shaped like a small helicopter. It's fast when it flies, scanning around the map. Developers explained that this is a way to link Deimos to his target. 

"When you see the Nano, Deimos shows up after," developers said during a press panel. 

Deimos specializes in hunting down his target ruthlessly and efficiently. He uses a small probe called Death Markers to seek out targets wherever they are on the map. Their location is then relayed to Deimos for a short period. At the same time, Deimos is revealed to his prey. 

You will start with zero Death Markers and accumulate up to three. Everyone will be alerted when you release one, allowing the enemy to prepare. The Death Marker will search until the timer runs out, Deimos is killed, or the target is dead. 

Deimos Weapon Loadout

Deimos will have the following weapons: 

  • AK-74M assault rifle
  • M590A1 shotgun
  • 44 Vendetta revolver

The AK has a large magazine, allowing Deimos to rain down bullets on his enemy. You can also opt for the M590A1 shotgun, which is perfect for showing up near an enemy and then blasting them with a shotgun before they can react. 

The real showcase of Deimos' kit, however, is the 44 Vendetta. This is a brand-new revolver that is the villain's signature weapon. Two shots are more than enough to "kill anything that moves." You can take down anything in your path with clean sights and high mobility. 

Deimos is a two speed, two health operator that also has frag grenades at his disposal. He's balanced so he can push aggressively without worrying about taking a stray bullet or two. With a coordinated team, Deimos can be used as bait or a misdirect. Consider Ash, Zofia, Blitz, or Ying on your team. 

"Deimos is a terrifying operator that controls the flow of battle," developers added.