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How to Join the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta

Rainbow Six Siege players are looking forward to the upcoming Marketplace beta. Here's how to buy and sell rare skins for profit.

Ubisoft has announced an upcoming Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace that will allow players to buy and sell cosmetic items with each other for the first time ever. It's still in development but a beta is coming soon. Here's how to sign up for the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace beta. 

What Is the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta?

With the Marketplace, R6 players will be able to buy and sell cosmetics, including weapon skins, charms, uniforms, headgear, and more. All you will have to do is list your item and set the price. 

The Marketplace will make it so players don't have to rely on Alpha Pack drops or purchasing premium bundles. Instead, you can buy the exact item you want. This includes rare and even discontinued skins that you wouldn't be able to normally get in-game anymore. 

You will be able to set your own price, creating a player-driven economy. Or you can trade weapon skins directly with friends. Ubisoft has announced that 100% of sales will go to the seller but a small transaction fee will go to them. 

Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace Beta

How to Join the Marketplace Beta

Want to be a part of the Marketplace beta? Here's how you can sign up:

  1. Go to the official website for the Rainbow Six Marketplace beta
  2. Click on the prominent "Sign Up" button
  3. Log in with your Ubisoft account credentials
  4. Agree to the terms of service

After you register, you'll get a confirmation email from Ubisoft. You'll see if you've been accepted into the closed beta program or not. There might be limited capacity so sign up as soon as you can. 

When Is the Marketplace Beta Launch Date?

There has been no official launch date so far. We believe that the Marketplace will be released alongside Year 9 Season 1 so the beta should be here sometime very soon. 

Here is all you need to know about the Marketplace beta