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Tekken 8 Story Mode Explained

Tekken lore is insane and Tekken 8 is taking things to a whole new level. Learn how to experience the full Tekken 8 Story in multiple game modes

Modern fighting games are no longer neglecting the single-player experience. In generations past, the majority of the gameplay was focused on local head-to-head or online play. But now, in the wake of Street Fighter 6 and Granblue Fantasy Versus, Tekken 8 is also dropping with heaps of story content. So here’s how you make the most of your time and get the full breadth of the Tekken 8 mythos.

How Do I See The Whole Tekken 8 Story?

When it comes to single-player content Bandai Namco has stepped their game up when it comes to Tekken 8. Two modes are completely focused on progressing the story and lore of the Tekken world. If you need a refresher on where the story stands, you can hit the gallery and see the special recap videos as well.

The main chunk of the story will take place in “The Dark Awakens”. This cinematic mode explores the story of Jin Kazama and his quest to defeat his dear old dad, Kazuya Mishima. Through this mode, you’ll mostly play as Jin as he and his allies contend with Kazuya and legions of his G Corporation soldiers. Throughout The Dark Awakens, you’ll get a chance to glimpse into Jin’s internal struggle to reckon with his past and his own devilish powers. In addition to that, you’ll get a chance to play some of the other characters in the game in various chapters.

Jun Kazama entrance

The second half of the story content is the Character Episodes, which explore the motivations of each fighter. During these stories, you get to explore their histories and what motivated them throughout The Dark Awakens chapters. If you want the best experience, it's suggested that you go through the main story first, and then the character episodes as some are unlocked after you complete The Dark Awakens.

How Many Chapters Are In Tekken 8?

If you combine The Dark Awakens’ 15 chapters with all of the individual character episodes, then there are a total of 32 episodes of story content in Tekken 8. This is, by far, the largest time investment the series has ever put into its single-player experiences. On top of this, there are different difficulty tiers within the story mode, so even if you want additional challenges you can play through multiple times.

Completing story mode gives you gold for character customization as well as special health bars and titles for your online matches. So for those looking to trick out their online persona as well, Story mode is going to be the only way to unlock certain items. This means that for the completionists out there, you must complete the single-player content to get everything.