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The Overwatch League may not make it past 2023.

Activision Blizzard’s quarterly earnings press release has spelled major trouble for the struggling Overwatch League. It was no secret that viewership was declining and revenue wasn’t where it should be, but it looks like there may be no saving the Overwatch League after all.

The quarterly earnings press release had Activision Blizzard state that it’s offering OWL teams $6 million to exit, meaning a $114 million total buying for the 19 remaining teams in the franchise.

When this season of the Overwatch League ends, teams will vote on an “updated operating agreement,” according to the report. Teams that don’t vote to continue under the updated operating agreement will receive a termination fee of $6 million.

ATVI Q2 statement

This comes after the Overwatch League department announced that about 50 employees were laid off. According to former employees, this included the entire content team.

Said former Content Preditor for the OWL Jeff Clarke: “Aside from all the people in the trenches making the show, I need to thank all the orgs, pros, talent, and Team 4 for helping us make the content we wanted to make. There’s so much great talent looking for work across all disciplines of esports.”

Commissioner Sean Miller stated that the Overwatch League is still happening and the team is “committed to the future of Overwatch esports” and is leaving it up to the franchise owners.

But fans aren’t too sure that’s what’s going on behind the scenes. According to a report by The Verge, there are not enough staff left to operate the Call of Duty League or Overwatch League. It’s been stated that Blizzard is currently “unequipped to internally support anything esports” after the most recent layoffs.

Right now, there’s reportedly only enough staff and resources to finish the current season.

Is the Overwatch League Ending?

The Overwatch League has been discussing a termination of the remaining fees for its franchise slots since spring. This is due to many teams accusing Blizzard of not keeping their part of the bargain when it comes to revenue and viewership.

As the years continue, the Overwatch League has not reached any of its goals. The previous hometown structure is a shell of its former self, with many teams opting to just relocate somewhere cost-effective and convenient. The amount of matches have dwindled, especially in-person events.

Ultimately, the fate of the league appears to reside with the owners, who will vote whether to continue or cut their losses.