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The main storyline of Overwatch revolves around the Omnic Crisis, which is when omnics declared war on humanity and started attacking cities all over the world. The omnics were pretty impossible to defeat and every country was struggling.

That all began to change when a group of heroes came together to form the Overwatch, which started with Soldier: 76, Reaper, Anna, Reinhardt, and Torbjorn were part of the original members that went on highly secret missions all over the world.

Meanwhile, a terrorist organization, Null Sector, emerged in London after omnics grew tired of being forced to live beneath the city streets in a place called the Underworld. Overwatch is sent on a mission to stop Null Sector. Near the same time, Blackwatch fought against a terrorist threat called Talon, which led to Blackwatch being exposed and Overwatch being outlawed and disbanded.

From reborn soldiers to Australian freedom fighters, Overwatch has a diverse and colorful rogues gallery.

The Villains on the Overwatch 2 Roster


Reaper pose classic Overwatch

Formerly known as Gabriel Reyes before being resurrected by Moira with haunting new abilities, Reaper is the main antagonist of the game’s lore. While an original founding member of Overwatch, he ultimately became a leader on Talon’s council, steering the villainous group's plots (which will hopefully one day play out in an actual story mission). 

He also has a lot of personal conflicts with heroes like Cassidy, Winston, and Soldier: 76 — most likely due to his attempts at assassinating them. 


Moira O’Deorain was once a scientist working on Overwatch’s side, researching custom genetics that could alter DNA cells to cure diseases. Unfortunately for her, Overwatch’s members found her work to be dangerous and unethical, even blaming Moira in part for causing the Omnic Crisis.

With a damaged reputation, Moira moved on to Blackwatch to continue her experiments. One of those experiments ultimately created Reaper, saving his life but giving him superhuman abilities. She eventually joined Talon as a council member as her genetic studies and experiments continued to impress the baddies.


Siebren was once considered a brilliant astrophysicist and scientist focused on figuring out how to harness gravity. Unfortunately, his dangerous research ultimately opened a black hole and led to extreme psychological damage.

When Sigma returned to Earth, he was imprisoned in a top-secret facility. Here, he continued to rave about the universe and gravity-related anomalies that he continued to see around him. Eventually, Talon attacked the facility to release him and harness his knowledge.

Under Talon’s watch, Sigma continued to do his dangerous research and used his brilliant mind to create severely dangerous weapons.


Doomfist menacing look OW2

Akande Ogundimu was born into a wealthy Nigerian family as the heir to a prosthetic technology company. He eventually helped his family expand the business while he continued to practice martial arts and compete in tournaments.

Although a skilled fighter, Akande eventually lost his arm during the Omnic Crisis. He was able to use his company’s prosthetic technology to become more powerful than ever but was no longer able to compete. This led Doomfist to focus solely on his empire but felt unsatisfied. That is until a man known as the Scourge offered asked him to fight alongside him as a mercenary.

As a leader, he forged an alliance with Null Sector, led by Ramattra. But he was eventually captured by an Overwatch strike team and imprisoned for years. He eventually broke out of prison, recovered the gauntlet, and decided to incite a war that he hoped would consume the world.


Speaking of Ramattra, this tank hero is an R-7000 Ravager command unit that was originally designed to lead armies into war against humanity during the Omnic Crisis. During his time in the conflict, Ramattra decided that he wanted the two powers to coexist.

This led him to become a monk alongside Zenyatta and Mondatta, who all shared this vision to unite humans and omnics. But humanity was already angered by the destruction of the Omnic Crisis and refused, murdering more omnics.

Watching his people die at the hands of humans, Ramattra decided to start an even more dangerous war. He became the leader of an extremist liberation group called Null Sector, eventually allying with Doomfist to begin the Second Omnic Crisis


It may surprise some to see Symmetra on this list. She often seems like someone who just believes in balance, but there’s more to her story.

Satya Vasani’s story begins in Hyderabad, where she was born to an impoverished family. She showed promise as a light-bending architect for the Vishkar Corporation and started using her techniques in covert missions that were meant to sabotage competitors.

At one point, she was sent to Rio de Janeiro to negotiate a contract with the mayor. But Symmetra ended up infiltrating the mayor’s tower and eventually destroyed it. Vishkar’s city center was completed months later.

Vishkar’s mission was to control the people of the city, establishing curfews and using the residents as cheap labor. Lucio attempted to start a riot to free his people, causing Symmetra to view him as an enemy.


Widowmaker look back OW2

Widowmaker is often described as the “perfect assassin." Amelie Lacroix was originally a member of Overwatch that fought against Talon, but she was eventually kidnapped and turned into a sleeper agent through extreme torture that left her emotionless. 

Now part of Talon, Widowmaker attacked Overwatch and attempted to rescue hostages. Ana came face to face with Widowmaker, revealing her face. The shock of seeing Widowmaker — now evil and blue — caused Ana to freeze. The pause allowed Widowmaker to shoot her right in the eye.

Her tragic backstory, including Talon killing her husband, has left people feeling conflicted about the antagonist despite her cold-hearted nature.


Sassy Sombra is known as the most notorious hacker in the world, using her amazing abilities for evil. She first learned to hack as a young girl who lost everything in the Omnic Crisis, blackmailing people to get what she wanted, ultimately ending up as part of the Los Muertos gang.

The orphan formerly known as Olivia Colomar had found her home. She aided in the gang’s uprising, attempting to rebuild Mexico and rebel against the greedy government.

When she started to improve her hacking, Sombra discovered a global conspiracy that stopped her dead in her tracks. She tried to delete her identity and go into hiding, fearful of what she learned.

Under her new alias, Sombra joined Talon and started helping them incite revolutions. 

Junkrat & Roadhog

Outback residents were displaced when the government agreed to give land to the omnics following the Crisis, hoping to make peace. Roadhog formed the Australian Liberation Front to try and take back the land, leading to a sabotage of the omnium fusion core — an explosion that irradiated the region and destroyed the Outback.

After surviving the massive fusion core explosion in the Outback, Junkrat and other survivors who called themselves Junkers decided to create a cutthroat society of scavengers. Affected by the radiation, however, Junkrat became an unhinged, explosive-obsessed “freak” with a touch of madness.

Junker was joined by his enforcer Roadhog, who agreed to be his personal bodyguard if he shared his spoils 50-50. The two left the Outback and decided to go on an international crime spree that was explosively violent and chaotic.

Junker Queen

Junker Queen points gun OW2

As a young girl, Odessa lived with her family in Junkertown, but they were thrown out into the wasteland by the Junker King. Thirteen years later, a hardened young woman started fighting in an organized fighting rink called the Scrapyard, ultimately rising to the top. She ended up facing the Junker King in The Reckoning, who she viciously assaulted until he begged for mercy. She exiled him to the wastes just as she was and took her role as the new Junker Queen.

Scrappy and ruthless, she always faced challenges and violence head-on with her axe and blade by her side, ready to punish whoever crossed her. Junker Queen has now ruled over Junkertown for over a decade, with citizens too scared to go against her word.