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Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl 5-Star Tera Raid Guide: Best Counters in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet

Best 5 Star Tera Raid Counter Guide for Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl in Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
  • The “A Show of Supporters” trio will be in tera raid battles from August 17th until August 31st and repeat from August 31st through September 17th.
  • Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl have random tera types.
  • This event will be paired with another one featuring Scizor, Blissey, and Hydreigon, in preparation for the Mewtwo tera raid event

In early August of 2023, Pokémon announced that fans of the franchise would be able to capture Mewtwo through a special tera raid event. In order to better prepare yourself and gather all the necessary resources to beat the legendary Pokémon, Game Freak has released the “A Show of Supporters” tera raid event featuring Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl.

The trio will only be available for a few days, so be ready and stock up on as many resources as possible! Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl will be in Tera Raid battles from August 17th until August 31st and repeat from August 31st through September 17th.

Unlock the High-Level Raids

The Pokémon you will face in this event can only be found in tera raids rated either as 4 or 5-star difficulty. In order to unlock 4-star raids you must first obtain 7 gym badges and to find 5-star raids you will need to finish the main story of Pokémon Scarlet & Violet.

If your goal is to prepare yourself for Mewtwo’s release then be sure to, after finishing the main storyline, face all of the gym leaders again, then beat the end-game competition called Ace Tournament. After that, face a couple of 4 and 5-star difficulty raids and you should be good to go!

Capturing Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl

Start by finding the raid den for the desired Pokémon, it’ll be a dark, black flashing icon on your map. The tera type for all three Pokémon will always be random so it is best you have a Pokémon which can possibly face all of them with ease to speed up the farming process.

Both 4 and 5-star raids aren’t considered to be very tough to beat but it is still recommended you go in with a group of actual players and don’t just fill up your team with NPC players, especially if you want things to get done quickly.

Rewards for Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl

Unlike previous tera raid events, the main goal for beating any of the Pokémon featured in this trio is to gather as many resources as possible. Both Hatterene and Grimmsnarl have the same reward list which includes a mix of EXP items, EV boosters, Herba Mystica, Tera Shards, Ability Patches, Capsules, TMs, and plenty of items for you to sell.

Blissey’s reward list only contains high amounts of Tera Shards and EXP items, since Tera Shards are one of the most difficult resources to get your hands on we recommend you focus on beating as many Blisseys as possible.

Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl’s Set-Up

Here is the list of all possible moves for each Pokémon featured in this event:

  • Hatterene: Mystical Fire, Psychic, Disarming Voice, Dark Pulse, Psychic Terrain, Calm Mind
  • Grimmsnarl: Spirit Break, Light Screen, False Surrender, Play Rough, Reflect, Bulk Up
  • Blissey: Heal Pulse, Last Resort, Soft-Boiled, Seismic Toss

The Best Counters for Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl

As mentioned previously these raids shouldn’t be extremely hard to beat but in order to minimize our efforts in preparation as well as during the battles we have listed below two Pokémon that we believe will help you against all three Pokémon, independent of their tera type. Here are the two best counters you can utilize against Hatterene, Blissey, and Grimmsnarl.


Here are all the basic details you need to know to get your Azumarill prepared.

  • Tera Type: Fairy
  • Nature: Adamant (Attack Up, Special Attack Down)
  • EV Spread: HP 252, Attack 252, Defense 4
  • Ability: Huge Power
  • Held Item: Shell Bell
  • Move set:
    • Belly Drum
    • Play Rough
    • Double Edge
    • Liquidation

Iron Hands

Here are all the basic details you need to know to get your Iron Hands prepared.

  • Tera Type: Electric
  • Nature: Adamant (Attack Up, Special Attack Down)
  • EV Spread: HP 252, Attack 252, Defense 4
  • Ability: Quark Drive
  • Held Item: Booster Energy
  • Moveset:
    • Belly Drum
    • Thunder Punch
    • Fire Punch/Ice Punch
    • Drain Punch

Both these Pokémon are known to be the bread and butter for clearing both easy and difficult tera raids. Your goal with both of them is to utilize Belly Drum in the first turn and follow it up with a barrage of attacks to stack tera energy as well as chip away at your opponent’s health. Just be sure to be on the lookout for when you are able to activate terrastalization!

Other Available Tera Raids

As mentioned previously the event “A Show of Supporters” was created in order for players to gather the necessary resources needed to beat Mewtwo which will also be available throughout the first half of September. Simultaneously, Game Freak has also announced the “Prepare the Offense” tera raid event featuring Scizor, Hydreigon, and Blissey.