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Blaziken is a flexible melee Pokémon with two different fighting styles. The Blaze Pokémon starts each match as a Torchic before evolving into Combusken and then the iconic Blaziken, unleashing its power between Punch Style and Kick Style whenever it uses a corresponding Unite Move.

Blaziken can be purchased in-game for 13,000 Aeos coins or 575 Aeos gems at the Unite Battle Committee shop.

Blaziken Abilities in Pokémon UNITE

As mentioned previously, Blaziken will have a dynamic fighting style since it can switch between two fighting styles: Punch Style and Kick Style. Here’s the ‘mon’s entire kit.

Ability: Blaze

When Blaziken hits an opposing Pokémon with a basic attack or move, that opposing Pokémon will receive a fire fragment. If you hit a Pokémon with a fire fragment five times with a basic attack or move will deal additional damage and restore your own HP. If you are at half HP or lower, even more HP will be restored.

Punch Style and Kick Style

While most Pokémon have Unite Moves that can only be used after you have enough energy charged up, Blaziken can use its Unite Move after reaching Lv. 8 — and it can use it “every few seconds” to change its fighting style and current set of moves.

When Blaziken uses Spinning Flame Fist, it switches to Punch Style, which changes its move to Fire Punch and Focus Blast. On the other hand, using Spinning Flame Kick will switch Blaziken to Kick Style, making its moves Blaze Kick and Overheat.

Switching to a different style will make the opposite Unite Move available, allowing you to keep the cycle going.

Lv. 1 & 3 Moves

Aerial Ace

Torchic will dash in the desired direction, slashing in front of itself to deal damage to opposing Pokémon within slashing distance. After hitting a Pokémon with this move, Torchic can use it one more time for a short duration.


Torchic will release a small ball of fire in the indicated direction. It will deal damage to enemy Pokémon it has hit, lowering their movement speed in the process.

Lv. 5 Moves

Fire Punch

Combusken will unleash two flaming punches in the direction you choose, dealing damage to Pokémon it hits. The direction can be changed during the move. When you hit an opposing Pokémon with this move, Fire Punch can be used again for a short time. Fire Punch can also be upgraded to increase the damage deal to enemies.

Focus Blast

Combusken fires a ball of focused energy in a chosen direction that explodes when it hits an enemy or after traveling a certain distance. It will also damage Pokémon in the explosion’s area of effect, decreasing their movement speed as well. This move can be upgraded to strengthen the movement speed decrease effect.

Blaze Kick

Combusken unleashes a kick while leaping in a chosen direction that both damages and shoves enemies. The shoved Pokémon will have its movement speed decreased for a short time and won’t be able to act if they hit a wall. Blaze Kick can be upgraded to strengthen the amount of movement speed that’s taken away.


Combusken will charge power in place, unleashing a flaming kick in the chosen direction if hit while charging. The longer the power is charged, the more damage it deals to hit Pokémon. If Combusken charges a set amount of power or more, this move also shoves opponents. You can upgrade it to increase the damage dealt.

Unite Moves

Spinning Flame Fist

Blaziken will unleash a flaming punch around itself that deals damage to nearby opponents. Your own movement speed will be increased for a short time. Blaziken will switch to Punch Style after using this move.

Spinning Flame Kick

Blaziken will unleash a flaming kick around itself that deals damage to nearby opponents. Your attack will be increased for a short time. After using this move, Blaziken will switch to Kick Style.

Blaziken is strong against Pokémon like Travenant since you’ll be doing consistent damage. Multiple attacks will also trigger additional damage and attacks when an enemy is hit. Blaziken is also dominant in longer skirmishes since it can heal itself if it attacks a Pokémon five times with a basic attack or move if it a fire fragment.

On the other hand, Blaziken may struggle against Mew and other defensive Pokémon that are good at dodging attacks. Mew can fire back using Electro Ball and Solar Beam after Blaziken misses them, making this a pretty tough battle for the Blaze Pokémon.