Rainbow Six Siege Year 9 Season 2 Road Map Explained

Marketplace, operator changes, and more — R6 Year 9 Season 2 looks pretty impressive.

Rainbow Six Siege fans just got an exciting roadmap for Year 9 Season 2 from Ubisoft and it includes the arrival of the Siege Marketplace, operator changes, and more. Here is what was included in the Year 9 Season 2 road map. 

Ubisoft recently shared an official blog outlining what gamers can expect in Year 9 Season 2. The post outlines all of the exciting updates to the live game — and developers will have more details for the Year 9 Season 2 changes soon. 

Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace

Rainbow Six players have long been discussing the exciting implementation of the Siege Marketplace, which will work very similarly to Counter-Strike’s skin market.  Right now, the Marketplace is in its beta stage, allowing a group of R6 players to sell and trade in-game cosmetics for R6 Credits. 

Check out how the Rainbow Six Siege Marketplace works here

Operator Changes: Fenrir and Solis

Operators Fenrir and Solis will see some changes in Season 2. The two defenders need some  balancing after feeling a bit overpowered in recent metas. It’s unclear exactly what the changes will include but developers have already confirmed that Solis will be changed again in Season 3. 

R6 Siege Solis

Improved Ban System

Ubisoft is hoping to continue fighting cheaters and hackers with some changes to ban enforcement in Year 9 Season 2. This time around, it will be “more difficult for cheaters to return to the game once banned” with additions to the anti-cheat system. The first part of the changes will be implemented in Season 2. 

Map Training List

Developers are hoping to make the game more approachable to new players. Rainbow Six Siege is notoriously difficult to get into thanks to the large amount of map knowledge you need to compete with top players. These updates to the Map Training mode will introduce Endless Drill to the playlist, offering players even more opportunities to learn the maps before jumping into ranked play. 

Map Filters

Speaking of maps, Season 2 will also have a big change to the map playlist for Standard players. You will soon have the option to choose our preferred maps come Year 9 Season 2. 

Reputation System Delayed

The Reputation System was scheduled to come out soon but developers have now decided to keep it in its beta version for Season 2 onward. The full deployment will now come in Season 4. 

After Action Screen 2.0

In Year 9, there will be a modified after-action screen that developers hope will “provide an accurate and insightful recap of each match of Rainbow Six Siege.” This includes more information in the final standings, like plants and defuses. This will come in Year 9 Season 3, so expect more news in the coming season. 

Expect more hands-on insight into Year 9 Season 2 from Esports Illustrated very soon! 

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