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How to Get the Street Fighter 6 Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Want to play as Chun-Li and Ryu in Rainbow Six Siege? Find out how

Ahead of Rainbow Six Siege Operation Deep Freeze arrival, a stream revealed an exciting crossover between Tom Clancy’s first person shooter and Street Fighter 6.

Ever since its release, Street Fighter 6 has been a huge hit with the FGC. It has continued to excite gamers with interesting crossovers, including the initial Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles avatar skins revealed at Evo 2023. This time, Street Fighter’s iconic characters are actually heading to a different game.

Ubisoft has announced two Street Fighter 6 costumes for operators in Rainbow Six Siege.

Rainbow Six Siege x Street Fighter 6 Costumes

Two operators now have Street Fighter 6 looks. Grim is dressed up as Ryu and Ying is given Chun-Li’s newest design.

The cosmetic crossover was met with praise from the gaming community. A lot of Rainbow Six Siege players are especially excited to see Ying portraying the classic fighting game character.

How to Get the Street Fighter 6 Skins in Rainbow Six Siege

Ryu and Chun-Li skins in Rainbow Six Siege

The crossover cosmetics are already available in Rainbow Six Siege. Here’s how to get them.

To get Grim’s Ryu skin, you’ll need to buy the bundle. It includes:

  • Wandering Fighter headgear
  • Wandering Fighter uniform
  • Furikazan 552 Commando weapon skin
  • Wandering Fighter operator portrait
  • Genbu Temple card background
  • Ryu street tag charm

The Ying Chun-Li bundle includes:

  • Spring Beauty headgear
  • Spring beauty uniform
  • Hyakuretsuyaku T-95 LSW weapon skin
  • Spring Beauty operator portrait
  • Tain Hong Yuan card background
  • Chun-Li street tag charm

The bundles will cost you 1,944 R6 Credits a piece. You’ll need to pay $20 for each one (or $35 for both).