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All Spy x Family Rewards in Street Fighter 6

The next anime collaboration is here, with Spy x Family coming to Street Fighter 6 today.

Anime has been infiltrating the video game scene all year, including crossovers like One Punch Man in Overwatch and full-on anime fighting game announcements like Hunter x Hunter Nen x Impact. Now, Spy x Family is coming to Street Fighter 6.

What is the Spy x Family Collab in Street Fighter 6?

Spy x Family is coming to the arguably biggest fighting game of 2024 to promote the upcoming film, Code: White. A short animation revealed the collaboration a month ago, with Chun-Li and Yor Forger in an intense face-off. It left fans wondering what would be in the collaboration but it’s not looking like much.

The collaboration will feature costumes for Yor and Loid Forger as well as other cosmetics like frames and stamps. You can get these just by logging in.

Fans are a bit disappointed in the bare-bones collaboration, which doesn’t have Yor or Loid as their own fighters and are instead avatar skins — and doesn’t offer any events or activities. But this has been the case for most of Street Fighter 6’s collaborations up till now. It’s good in some ways unless you want SF6 to be like Fortnite with a bunch of random IPs on the roster and the lore taken over by anime plots.

Rewards for Spy x Family collab in SF6

All Spy x Family Content Coming to SF6

  • Yor Forger avatar skin
  • Loid Forger avatar skin
  • Free:
    • Photo frames
    • Stickers
    • Player titles featuring Anya, Yor, and Loid

When Is the Spy x Family Collab Coming to Street Fighter 6?

The Spy x Family collaboration has started today!

The limited-time cosmetics will be available from January 9 to January 31, 2024. While some of the cosmetics are free, the costumes will cost you. They are 300 SF each, which is the equivalent of $6. But you have to buy a pack of SF currency for $10, meaning you will have to pay at least that to get the skins.

When Is Spy x Family Code: White Releasing?

Code: White is a spy action comedy film based on the Spy x Family anime. Loid must help Anya win a cooking competition at Eden Academy to prevent him from being replaced in Operation Strix. It’s unclear if it’s considered canon to the anime.

It was actually released in theaters in Japan already, back on December 22, 2023. It has a worldwide release for 2024 but no specific date has been given. It’s most likely sometime in the next month or so based on the timing of the collaboration.