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The newest character in Street Fighter 6, A.K.I. is finally out in the wild and already making waves. But if you want to use her moveset for your avatar fighter you’ll have to jump through a few hoops to unlock her. So if you’re excited to add A.K.I.’s arsenal to your own, here’s how you can find her in SF6’s World Tour Mode.

How to Unlock A.K.I.’s Quest.

  • Start “Good Medicine Is Hard To Come By” in Chinatown - Metro City.
  • Give Lao Mao an Energy Drink S
  • Take her prescription to Fang Fei
  • Travel to Tian Hong Yuan - China in your World Map
  • Talk to A.K.I.

To find the Princess of Poison in World Tour mode, you’ll first need to be able to access to the Haggar Memorial Stadium section of Metro City. Once you do a new quest in the Chinatown area titled “Good Medicine Is Hard To Come By” will appear. Speak to Lao Mao, who’s standing right next to Chun-Li

Lao Mao in World Tour sf6

She’ll ask you for an Energy Drink S which you can purchase from a variety of vendors across World Tour. Chances are you’ll already have one in your inventory. But if you don't, Shopkeeper Biz in Beat Square or Shopkeeper Udon at Honda’s restaurant will usually have one in stock.

Where is A.K.I. in World Tour?

Once you give the drink to Lao Mao, she’ll ask you to take a note to Fang Fei who’s near the Stadium. When you arrive, you’ll see that it’s none other than F.A.N.G. from Street Fighter V, and A.K.I.’s beloved master. Give him the note and he’ll unlock the Tian Hong Yuan destination in your world map. Travel there and talk to A.K.I. and boom, you’ll have access to her moveset for your Avatar.

FANG in world tour mode SF6

If you didn’t purchase the Ultimate pack for SF6 you’ll also need to max out her bond to unlock A.K.I.’s outfit 2. Generally, this is best done through gifting masters special items that you can find from vendors in different countries. These items generally raise bond points by 5-10 points, but for A.K.I. there’s an item that you can obtain that will raise her affinity by nearly half.

The item is gated by a quest that you can only begin in Metro City in the daytime. However, you would have had to get access to the SiRN tower through the main quest line first. 

SiRN HQ in World Tour

Once you do that then “The Secret Sentient Sidekick” quest will become available. The enemies in the quest are tough and cap at about level 80, so you’ll have to be well into the endgame to complete it. Once you do you’ll receive the Japanese Horseradish item which will increase A.K.I.’s bond with you by 40 points. Couple this with the Fan item you can get from Ioannis in Tian Hong Yuan, and you’ll have the venomous vixen at max bond before you know it.