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EA FC 24 is getting closer to release and with that, more information around the game is being revealed. As EA SPORTS’ first release without the FIFA name, they’re going all out for the first release of the FC series. With many brand new features coming to Career Mode, here’s everything you need to know ahead of the FC 24 release.

What is Career Mode?

Career Mode is an offline, single-player experience where you can play through seasons as a Player or a Manager. Career mode lasts as long as you want it to, and you can play through multiple seasons, changing clubs, teams, and much more. In Player Career mode, you take control of an existing player or create your own as you go through a journey to the top of football. In Manager Career mode, you manage a club, improving their squad and staff as you fight to win titles.

New Player Career Mode Features

Agents will be a massive part of the Player Career mode in EA FC 24. You will be able to tell your Agent your dream club at the start of the season, and they will give you objectives to hit in order to secure your dream move. However, you can also opt to remain at your current club, doing this will make your agent set objectives for you to excel, and possibly result in a better contract or more playing time.

Playstyles will also be a crucial feature in Player Careers. They will be fundamental in how your player performs on matchday, and even in training.

New Manager Career Mode Features

Manager Career mode in EA FC 24 is receiving a massive overhaul in terms of tactics. A new system will give players multiple tactical style options at the start of the season. This will include styles such as Park The Bus, Tiki-Taka and Gegenpress. Coaches will also play a vital role, with players having to sign coaching staff who will upgrade their attack, midfield or defense. You can assign more coaches to Attack than Midfield or Defence, and this will mean that your Attackers receive more of an upgrade than the rest of your team.

EA FC 24 will also feature new ways to watch your team as a manager. This includes camera angles from the touchline, or from a specific player.

There is still a lot of information to release around EA FC 24 ahead of the release on September 29th, with the big reveal of Ultimate Team information coming soon.