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11 Most Expensive Disney Lorcana Cards

Disney Lorcana has finally hit shelves and some cards are already demanding crazy prices.
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Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is here, bringing an abundance of iconic Disney characters into a strategy card game. Like other trading card games, however, you may have to shell out quite a good bit of cash for some of the more desirable cards in the first set. Here are the most expensive Disney Lorcana cards right now.

Prices based on initial release figures from TCGPlayer

Disney Lorcana — D23 Promos

The most expensive Disney Lorcana cards are promos that came out specifically for the D23 conference. These cards are variations of cards that can be found in The First Chapter expansion, featuring different art and a promo label that set it apart.

These promos are worth significantly more than cards you’d find in booster packs since they are seen as collector’s items for their rarity and special nature.

Elsa Snow Queen Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana
  • Elsa — Snow Queen: $2,000
  • Stitch — Rock Star: $1,500
  • Maleficent — Monstrous Dragon: $1,250
  • Mickey Mouse — Brave Little Tailor: $1,200
  • Robin Hood — Unrivaled Archer: $1,200
  • Captain Hook — Forceful Duelist: $1,200
  • Cruella deVille — Miserable as Usual: $1,200

Keep in mind that these prices are considered the market price, meaning what they are calculated to be worth. But you will find listings on trading card game sites and eBay that are well above or below these prices. For example, PSA 10 graded Mickey cards are currently going for $6,000 and you can find Elsa cards listed up to $7,000.

Most Expensive Cards from Rise of the Floodborn

For the full list check out our official breakdown

Cinderella — Ballroom Sensation (Alternate Art) - $480

Cinderella Ballroom Sensation card

Alternate art cards remain a huge value in Lorcana's second set. Cinderella Ballroom Sensation isn't the strongest card in the set, but the gorgeous artwork and potential for Cinderella synergy makes it a high value crack in any pack.

Enchanted Cards

Ravensburger selected 5 cards from Rise of the Floodborn to give a unique treatment as Enchanted cards. They include:

  • Cinderella - Ballroom Sensation (Alternate Art) — $345
  • Snow White - Well Wisher (Alternate Art) — $231
  • Beast - Relentless (Alternate Art) — $245
  • Namaari - Morning Mist (Alternate Art) — $220
  • Arther - Wizard's Apprentice (Alternate Art) — $250

Disney Lorcana — Most Expensive Cards From The First Chapter

The D23 promos are far and beyond what you’ll pay for singles pulled from The First Chapter booster packs. You’ll find a lot of cards listed for well under $1, most likely due to these cards being more common and not competitively viable.

Here are some of the more expensive singles you’ll have to buy if you want to complete a coveted collection or put together a competitive deck.

Elsa — Spirit of Winter (Alternate Art): $400

Elsa Spirit of Winter Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

You can find this card listed for more than $500 thanks to its beautiful artwork of iconic character Elsa and how powerful this card can be in the game. 

This tanky character allows you to exert up to two chosen characters or pay ink to play on top of another Elsa character card.

Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy (Alternate Art): $210

Tinker Bell Giant Fairy Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

This is another example of a card that’s both visually appealing and competitively viable, making it a desirable card for everyone in the TCG community. 

If Tinker Bell Giant Fairy is your waifu, you can find yourself paying more than $450 for this sassy card. You’ll find a lot of competitive use for this card as well since it’s a key part of a meta deck right now.

Mickey Mouse — Wayward Sorcerer (Alternate Art): $197

Mickey Mouse Wayward Sorcerer Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

You’ll find this card ranging from $200 to $500 thanks to its rarity and the dynamic art featuring the iconic Mickey Mouse himself wearing the wizard outfit he sported in Fantasia. 

In his powerful pose, this Mickey Mouse Wayward Sorcerer alternate art is great for collectors.

Stitch — Carefree Surfer (Alternate Art): $183

Stitch Carefree Surfer Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

Draw power is scarce in Disney Lorcana so Stitch Carefree Surfer can definitely keep you from bricking thanks to its ability to let you draw two additional cards. 

But this card is most likely at the top of the list for expensive cards because it features a beloved character in a cute pose and this alternate art is rare, making it great for collectors.

Aurora — Dreaming Guardian (Alternate Art): $170

Aurora Dreaming Guardian Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

The artwork on this card is unmatched in terms of style and grace. It’s enough to make this highly desirable to many people in the TCG community. Aurora Dreaming Guardian is also a staple in a few top decks.

Belle — Strange But Special (Alternate Art): $154

Belle Strange but Special Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

There are a lot of things going for this beautiful card. The first is that it features a classic Disney princess, making it a great card for Disney fanatics and waifu collectors alike. The second is that alternate arts are rarer, meaning it’s a collectible.

And third, you’ll actually find a lot of top decks utilizing this card since its ability to gain 4 lore can make you instantly win the game in some instances. Either way, decks focused on rapidly questing for lore need at least a couple of these.

Simba — Returned King (Alternate Art): $135

Simba Returned King Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

The Lion King is probably one of the most popular Disney movies to ever exist so it’s no surprise to see Simba on this list. Collectors cannot overlook the dynamic artwork on this card as well as Simba’s intense expression. You’ll find that Simba will also get some play in the current meta as well thanks to his aggressive effects.

Hades — King of Olympus (Alternate Art): $130

Hades King of Olympus Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

Okay, Hades isn’t a hot princess or a cute Disney creature, but he still has found himself as one of the most desirable cards in The First Chapter. 

Why? This is a game-changing card depending on your strategy. It’s tanky and strong, but the effect is the real draw. Hades King of Olympus can get 1 extra lore for each villain in play, meaning he’s a staple in any villain-heavy deck that’s looking to farm lore aggressively.

Genie — On the Job (Alternate Art): $120

Genie On The Job Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

Genie is one of the most beloved Disney characters thanks to Robin Williams’ hilarious performance. This is most definitely a collector’s item due to that aspect alone. 

But Genie On The Job is also a staple in a few top tier decks focused on disruption. If your deck is all about controlling the board, you’ll want Genie on your squad to return characters to your opponent’s hands, completely setting them back.

Maui - Hero to All (Alternate Art): $115

Maui Hero to All Alternate Art in Disney Lorcana

Moana is an awesome movie with a huge fanbase. Being a more recent film, it’s no wonder that Disney fans want this awesome alternate art of one of the main characters. But Maui is also a great addition to aggressive decks focused on challenging and damaging opponents.

Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing: $46

Rapunzel Gifted with Healing in Disney Lorcana

This is the first card on the list that isn’t an alternate art. As you can see, there’s a significant price drop since non-alternate art cards from the first set are not as rare. But this card is still very desirable since it features one of the most-liked princesses and defensive decks love having the game-changing healing from this strong card.