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4 Best Decks in Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter

New to Disney Lorcana? These are the 4 best decks to play to dominate your friends

When it comes to playing a card game competitively, it’s all about finding a top-tier deck that has the playstyle that works best for you. It can be hard to know how to put cards together to create a 60-card deck, however, so here are some of the top decks in the current Disney Lorcana meta.

Disney Lorcana: The First Chapter is the first set of the new Disney-themed strategy card game. Booster packs, starter decks, and singles came out today and we can now put together some competitive decks that will have you winning locals as the scene grows.

Keep in mind that these are early builds of these decks and there are many alternative options that you’ll find for yourself as you practice, seeing which version of the deck is right for you.

Ruby/Sapphire — Ramp

This deck is all about building up your inkwell in the early game so you get a head start on your opponent and steamroll them late game. Gramma Tala — Storyteller and Mickey Mouse — Detective are two key characters that allow you to put extra cards into your inkwell and play high cost cards a lot faster than usual.

Once you have built up your inkwell early on, you will have access to high cost cards before your opponent has a way to defend themselves. These powerful cards can banish characters, give you some surprise lore, and other game-changing effects that will help you further steamroll your opponent.

Deck List Example:

  • 4 Aladdin - Street Rat
  • 4 Gramma Tala - Storyteller
  • 4 Mickey Mouse - Brave Little Tailor
  • 4 Maleficent - Monstrous Dragon
  • 4 Maui - Hero to All
  • 4 Aurora - Regal Princess
  • 4 Aurora - Dreaming Guardian
  • 4 Belle - Strange but Special
  • 4 Hades - Infernal Schemer
  • 4 Donald Duck - Strutting His Stuff
  • 4 Mickey Mouse - Detective
  • 4 Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer
  • 4 Develop Your Brain
  • 4 One Jump Ahead
  • 2 Be Prepared
  • 2 Shield of Virtue

Sapphire/Steel — Whole New World

With a combination of ink acceleration and card draw, this nearly broken deck revolves around the song card Whole New World. You essentially want to convert your cards into ink as fast as possible to build up your board faster than your opponent. Meanwhile, you will be able to refill your hand and find key cards thanks to Steel so you can ensure you don’t run out of resources.

Using cards like Fishbone Quill and Belle — Strange But Special, you’ll always try to play multiple inks per turn. While you build up your ink and gather a ton of resources, you can also use powerful characters like Tinker Bell — Giant Fairy to significantly damage your opponent. This forces them to target your attackers while you continue to use other characters to keep building up ink.

Deck List Example:

  • 4 Aurora - Dreaming Guardian
  • 4 Aurora - Regal Princess
  • 4 Belle - Strange but Special
  • 2 Hades - Infernal Schemer
  • 4 Robin Hood - Unrivaled Archer
  • 4 Simba - Future King
  • 4 Tinker Bell - Tiny Tactician
  • 4 Tinker Bell - Giant Fairy
  • 4 Develop Your Brain
  • 4 One Jump Ahead
  • 4 A Whole New World
  • 4 Fire The Cannons!
  • 4 Smash
  • 2 Grab Your Sword
  • 4 Beast's Mirror
  • 4 Fishbone Quill

Amber/Sapphire — Battle Princess

This epic deck revolves around Moana and her ability to ready other princesses in play. This essentially allows you to start using your princesses a lot earlier, aggressively questing and challenging before your opponent can do anything about it. Use Just in Time to get Moana out early on so you can steamroll your enemy.

Hades — Lord of the Underworld is an interesting addition in that you can take a card out of your discard and put it into your hand when he’s played. Then, place that character on your board. After that, Moana will ready that princess all over again when she quests.

Deck List Example:

4 Moana - Of Motunui

2 Let It Go

2 Just in Time

4 Aurora - Dreaming Guardian

4 Aurora - Briar Rose

4 Hades - Lord of the Underworld

4 Jasmine - Disguised

4 Maximus - Relentless Pursuer

4 Aurora - Regal Princess

4 Minnie Mouse - Beloved Princess

4 Develop Your Brain

Amethyst/Amber — Lore Focused

If you prefer playing aggressively, this deck is all about getting as much lore as possible for as little cost as possible. Lilo — Making a Wish and Maleficent — Biding Her Time are great for this strategy, costing very little to get them out and questing.

To help protect these 1/1 cards from an opponent’s challenge, use cards like Maximus — Palace Horse and Simba — Protective Cub to force the enemy to focus on them while Lilo and Maleficent continue questing in peace.

Mickey Mouse — Wayward Sorcerer and Stitch — Rock Star are great late-game cards that can keep the match in your favor. Surprise opponents by bringing back your 1/1 cards and continuing to quest for lore so you can rack up as much as possible before they can react.

Deck List Example:

  • 4 Lilo - Making a Wish
  • 4 Lefou - Bumbler
  • 4 Maximus - Palace Horse
  • 4 Rapunzel - Gifted with Healing
  • 4 Simba - Protective Cub
  • 4 Stitch - New Dog
  • 4 Dr. Facilier - Charlatan
  • 2 Dr. Facilier - Agent Provocateur
  • 4 Maleficent - Biding Her Time
  • 4 Magic Broom - Bucket Brigade
  • 4 Rafiki - Mysterious Sage
  • 4 Pascal - Rapunzel's Companion
  • 4 Mickey Mouse - Wayward Sorcerer
  • 4 Stitch - Rock Star
  • 2 You Have Forgotten Me
  • 4 Be Our Guest