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Disney Lorcana — 7 Most Expensive Disney Lorcana Cards From Rise of the Floodborn

Disney Lorcana has a second set and its full of new characters and new chase cards. From alternate art to foil promos, there are some high value cards to search for.

Ever since Disney Lorcana hit the TCG scene, it’s been an intense time for card collectors. Ravensburger initially didn’t release enough of its first set and now Rise of the Floodborn has been released to a rabid fanbase. As a result, singles can be very pricey right now depending on the card. Here are the cards you want to pull in a Rise of the Floodborn booster pack if you are a collector.

Cinderella — Ballroom Sensation (Alternate Art) - $480

Cinderella Ballroom Sensation card

This classic Disney princess is featured with beautiful and elegant gold details in this Alternate Art variation. A lot of new decks are utilizing this card but it’s not a must-have for competitors. Cinderella — Ballroom Sensation is this pricey due to its value to collectors.

Belle — Hidden Archer - $48

Belle Hidden Archer card

Lorcana players have been asking for more disruption cards and Belle — Hidden Archer is most definitely that. Whenever this character is challenged, the challenger must discard every card in their hand. Draw power is rare in Lorcana so this is defnitely a threatening effect that may help you remain in control during your match. Plus, this floodborn looks badass.

Alice — Growing Girl - $36

Alice Growing Girl card

This is a very interesting card that introduces some new strategies for your deck. Good Advice gives your other characters support, which means you can add their strength to another chosen character’s strength once they quest. If you can get Alice to 10 strength or more, she can use What Did I Do to get five lore when she quests. It’s a very unique skill for this iconic character that can definitely cause chaos.

Beast — Relentless - $30

Beast Relentless card

The art on this card is definitely dynamic, picturing Beast struggling forward in a tipsy, dark world. But the real value of this card lies in how viable it is. Right now, Beast — Relentless is considered one of the best cards in Rise of the Floodborn thanks to its aggressive ability.

Scar — Vicious Cheater - $26

Scar Vicious Cheater card

Daddy Isn’t Here to Save You is an ability that allows you to ready Scar whenever he banishes another character in a challenge. This will definitely help you in more aggressive decks but it’s also a popular card thanks to its iconic artwork, inspired by Scar’s villain song in The Lion King.

Sisu — Divine Water Dragon - $25

Sisu Divine Water Dragon card

From the new movie Raya, Sisu plays on the movie’s theme of trust with its ability I Trust You. This lets you draw an extra card, which is very helpful in Lorcana. The collectible aspect of this card, however, is most likely due to its beautiful art featuring a popular modern character.

Cinderella — Stouthearted - $22

Cinderella Stouthearted card

This card is being discussed amongst competitive players thanks to its new mechanic, resist. Damage dealt to Cinderella — Stouthearted is reduced by two. Meanwhile, she can also challenge ready characters this turn when a song is played. It’s a rare card that features Cinderella as a soldier, which is another big draw. This is one of the most dynamic floodborn characters in the set.