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Can You Play Disney Lorcana Online?

Fans are craving an online experience for Disney Lorcana and a few community members have answered the call. Find out how to install Pixleborn to play Disney Lorcana online

Disney Lorcana is the newest strategy trading card game and it’s looking like it will most likely have a competitive scene. To better help the TCG community prepare for upcoming tournaments, some fans have taken it upon themselves to create a way for Disney Lorcana players to battle online.

According to the official Disney Lorcana site, the TCG community can expect local shops to host tournaments and other Disney Lorcana events that reward League points. If you’re hoping to improve your strategy before heading to a local tournament, you’re in luck.

How to Play Disney Lorcana Online

Pixelborn is an unofficial community-driven card game simulator. They recently created a client where the TCG community can play virtual games of Disney Lorcana against each other. This provides more competitive players with the ability to practice and improve, similar to Pokemon TCG Live. Here’s how to use the Pixelborn Disney Lorcana client:

  1. Go here to access the PC and Mac version of the client
  2. Download the appropriate client for your specific computer
  3. Right-click the ZIP folder and extract to \Pixelborn_#.#.#.#. You may need to download 7zip or winrar to do this
  4. Launch the game via Pixelborn.exe
  5. Right click to copy the link, open the client, go to settings at the top right, paste the link into the second box, and then hit Update
  6. Download the card images here

How to Add the Cards to Pixelborn

Once you have downloaded the card images, you’ll need to get them into Piexelborn’s client. Here’s how to do this on PC:

  1. Press the Windows key + r
  2. Type AppData\LocalLow\Rebellious Software\Pixelborn and hit OK
  3. If you don't see a folder called Cards, please make/add one
  4. Open the ZIP folder full of images and drag and drop all 350-plus into the Cards folder you created
  5. Restart Pixelborn if it’s open and all of the cards should be added

How to Find Someone to Play Disney Lorcana With

Once you have downloaded the Pixelborn client, you can join the developers’ Discord here.

Inside the Discord, you’ll find more guidelines on how to download Pixelborn and start playing Disney Lorcana online. You’ll also find active members who will help you come up with decks and strategies. You can even find people willing to play some matches online in the looking-for-game channel.