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How to Build the Best Disney Lorcana Deck

New to TCG's? We've got you covered. Here are all the steps you need to know to build the perfect Disney Lorcana deck

Disney Lorcana is the perfect card game for collectors and competitive players alike. If you’re looking to start learning the game early so you can dominate local tournaments, you’ll need to build a strong deck. New to the TCG? Here’s how to build a deck that will win you matches.

Step 1: The Amount of Cards

Disney Lorcana’s rules state that you must have at least 60 cards in your deck. This means that you can have more than 60 cards, but this is probably not the smartest strategy in Disney Lorcana.

Disney Lorcana doesn’t have a lot of draw power cards. There are a few cards that allow you to look at the first one or two cards, but this is not a card game where you will have a consistent way to find cards in your deck aside from A Whole New World.

The more cards you have, the more digging you’ll need to do to find the cards you need. Your deck will be more efficient if you stick to around 60 cards.

Step 2: Pick Your Ink Types

Disney Lorcana has six ink types:

  • Amber
  • Amethyst
  • Emerald
  • Ruby
  • Sapphire
  • Steel

Each ink type has a different focus when it comes to the cards’ general strategies. For example, Ruby cards are focused on being aggressive and challenging your enemy’s characters while Amber cards contain a lot of healing and support capabilities.

The ink type or types you ultimately use depends on your personal preference. You’ll need to find the ink types that have a playstyle you enjoy and one that helps you thrive.

So why only have one or two types of ink per deck? Unlike other card games, you don’t need exact ink types in your inkwell to activate cards of that same ink type. But if you want your deck to have synergy and have all the cards work together to get things done efficiently, you’ll want to focus on one or two ink types.

Another thing to keep in mind is to make sure almost all of your cards have ink icons on them. This icon indicates that they can be used to create ink by discarding them into the inkwell during your turn.

Step 3: Understand Your Strategy

Before you pick out your exact cards, you’ll need to decide what your strategy is. Based on the ink types above, you’ll most likely have a pretty clear strategy that you’re attempting to use as effectively as possible.

Some decks are focused on collecting lore as fast as possible, gathering the 20 you need before your opponent can stop you. Other decks are focused on challenging opponents, ensuring they never have the chance to quest for lore themselves. Some decks are all about manipulation, disrupting your opponent’s hand and changing the board state in your favor.

Step 4: Have a Variety of Card Types

Once you know your strategy, you’ll want to pick the cards that help get it done.

There are three types of cards in Disney Lorcana: characters, actions, and items. You’ll need to have all three types in order to have a deck that runs seamlessly and efficiently, picking characters, actions, and items that all work well together towards a similar goal.

For example, a top deck in the current meta revolves around using Belle — Strange But Special as a late-game game-changer. This character card allows you to quest for four extra lore if you have more than 10 cards in your inkwell. To help further this strategy along, you want to also have the Fishbone Quill item card in play as fast as possible since it allows you to discard an extra card into the inkwell each turn.

When it comes to character cards, choose characters with a variety of ink costs. While characters with higher costs are often more powerful, you don’t want to be left with no ready characters on your board as you build up ink. This will allow your opponent to steamroll you with lower-cost characters.

Action cards can either further your own strategy along or disrupt your opponents. Pick action cards that work with your deck’s strategy. In the Belle deck listed above, you’d want to include the One Jump Ahead action card since it allows you to put the card at the top of your deck into the inkwell.

Step 5: Practice and Learn

From here, you will want to test our decks with friends or by playing online. As you practice, you’ll begin to understand what works and doesn’t work in your deck. You can make some tweaks to see what cards will help get the job done a lot more effectively.

You can also check out YouTube videos and guides on the top decks and strategies to better understand what’s currently working for top players in the Disney Lorcana community. As people continue to practice, they will share their insight on certain decks, ink types, and cards.