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Tekken 8 Release Date Confirmed

Tekken 8 got a brand new trailer at Gamescom complete with a confirmed release date

This week is the start of Gamescom, the largest gaming convention in Europe. With that comes tons of new announcements. Tekken 8 was the first fighting game presentation of the opening festivities and there was a ton of new information shared. From returning characters, gameplay modes and cosmetics, Tekken 8 looks to provide more than just 1v1 scraps when it drops in January. Tekken 8 will release on January 22, 2024, confirming a recent leak.

The new trailer gave us the first looks at multiple characters that are set to return to Tekken 8. Steve Fox, Shaheen, Leo Kliesen, Dragunov, Kuma and Yoshimitsu are all set to return to the series. While we didn’t get to see much of their kits, this is still the most fighters we’ve seen revealed at once.

Also in this reveal was the introduction of the Arcade Quest mode. This area bears a strong resemblance to Street Fighter 6’s Battle Hub, and serves as the nexus of your online battles. From there we saw a litany of features including a number of cosmetics for nearly every character. This is a feature that’s been a hallmark of the Tekken series for many years as they don’t often sell costume packs. Bandai Namco instead empowers players to make their own costume creations, which often lead to some insane outfits.

Lastly, we got official confirmation on a release date for Tekken 8. The game is slated to release on January 22, 2024. Also, pre-orders for Tekken 8 are now live and come with special costumes for your Arcade avatars.