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The top Tekken 7 competitors in the world will be gathering in New Orleans in January of 2024 to compete in the Tekken World Tour 2023 Finals. The Last Chance Qualifiers will take place January 12 followed by the Finals itself on January 13-14th.

According to Sr Esports Manager Kasumi Yogi, this location has been on Bandai Namco’s radar for a while now. She added that the team is excited to finally make it a reality, hoping to bring the city’s tagline — Let the good times roll — to the Tekken 7 esports scene.

Said Yogi: “There’s a lot of culture there. I personally have never been. We want to bring the finals to a place where people can travel to and experience the culture there. It’s a very unique place. We’re hoping the people who attend the global event will have a good time.”

Tekken World Tour 2023 Finals to Attract More Regions Than Ever

The Tekken 7 esports team stated that it’s hoping to see a big international turnout at the Finals. There are expected regions, like Pakistan and South Korea, but Yogi is hoping that other regions will also be enticed to attend.

One region that the Tekken team has kept an eye on is Madagascar. Currently, a player in the top 10 of the worldwide rankings is from the unexpected country and Yogi is hoping to see Yondaime and his community come to the Finals. He’s currently qualified for the Finals based on points earned at Dojo Tournaments, which are local tournaments that are registered as part of the Tekken World Tour.

Dojo Tournaments in Madagascar are worth the max amount of points since they have massive turnouts. This means, however, that Yondaime has not yet competed against other regions and Yogi is excited to see how he does once he takes them on in larger events leading up to the Finals.

The Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Finals is meant to be a celebration of the game’s thriving and growing esports scene. Yogi told Esports Illustrated that many people tell her that Tekken 7 changed their lives. This has been made even more true in recent years since the game has continued to grow so much that some people have made it their entire career, turning their passion into a full-time job.

Will the Tekken World Tour 2024 Season Feature Tekken 8?

When asked if the Tekken 7 World Tour 2023 Finals will be the last big tournament to feature Tekken 7 since Tekken 8 is coming, Yogi was quite tight-lipped. She said that there’s still no release date for the upcoming game in the franchise, but added new details will be revealed next year.