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Teamfight Tactics — All Legends in Set 9.5, Ranked

The right Legend in TFT set 9.5 is usually the difference between consistently placing bottom four and top two.

It was announced at the beginning of the year that Augments were becoming a permanent addition to Teamfight Tactics and to kick off the new core gameplay mechanic, TFT Set 9 introduced Legends into the game. Legends are essentially companions that allow a player to force a particular playstyle and have their augment selection adapted to how they want to play. There are 15 different Legends that allow players to focus on a ton of unique preferences including forcing reroll compositions, getting a lot of gold, and just hitting the buy XP button a bunch.

However, not all Legends are created and balanced equally. Here is a ranked list of the Legends players should be picking to help them on their grind to challenger in TFT Set 9.5.


Urf is another champion that rewards flexibility as the Legend gives players Tome of Traits or Spatulas in which they can use to hit powerful chase traits. However, while it doesn't exactly pigeon hole players right away as Spatula’s and Tome of Traits can be used later in the game once a player has direction, it is essentially a lower risk, lower reward than Caitlyn. But in certain metagames where chase traits are king, Urf is usually near the top.


While Twisted Fate gives players the exact items they need, Ezreal gives players more items which in most cases is going to be better than TF. For comps with multiple carry champions and a super tank, Ezreal makes sure that the entire trio can come online.


Ornn is in a weird but good place right now in TFT Set 9.5. The Ornn Artifacts got an overhaul with some new items joining the rotation which now sits a 15 different options. With more powerful choices than ever before, the Ornn augments should be a flat out buff to the Legend. However, with so many choices sometimes Ornn’s Anvils wont give players the desired Ornn item making it a step below top tier.

Lee Sin

For all the reroll enthusiasts out there, Lee Sin is the perfect Legend as he specializes in giving players free shop refreshes which are perfect to getting those powerful but greedy reroll comps online quicker. Lee Sin is also good as just being a good Legend at playing a strong early game since hunting for two-star champions without spending econ is a fantastic way to get ahead in a competitive lobby.


It is ironic that one of the best Legends is the one that has no Legend effect at all. The reasoning is that while the other Legends give you a guaranteed augment every time, they might not be good enough in the current metagame. Poro being full random and opening up that used augment slot can be the difference in hitting the broken augment in any current patch and not being able to keep up with the lobby


Bard is the Legend that tempo players will want to pick up. Essentially Bard’s augments are best when players can play the early game strong and use their advantage to push levels aggressively. That is where Bard comes in giving players bonus items as they reach certain item intervals.


Caitlyn’s strength relies on her flexibility. Her augments are all tailored to giving players powerful early games but at the cost of making the player work for it by giving players random upgraded champions. Essentially. The wider a players comp pool is, the better Caitlyn is. The problem with Caitlyn inherently is that it does usually pigeonhole the player to play what's given to them on Stage 2 and if the champions they are given are not great or a player doesn't know how to play around them, then it's a bad time.

Twisted Fate

For players that like to force specific carry champions every game that are super best in slot dependent, there is no better option than Twisted Fate. The pro with Twisted Fate is that players will get the exact items they need throughout the game. The con is that is literally all he does which makes this Legend extremely meta dependent. Sometimes, there are metagames where a player needs three or four copies of the same completed item. In those meta games, TF is at the top. But most of the time, for players that are focused on playing the same carries but can adapt to the items they are given, there are better Legends out there.

Aurelion Sol

One of the harder Legends to balance since Asol focuses on the “Fast 8” playstyle of pushing levels as fast as possible to gain access to the high-cost champion pool before everyone else. Asol’s viability really comes from his Prismatic first augment which is Level Up. An early level-up makes it so the Asol player can hit high levels so fast that they just out-tempo the lobby for free top fours.

Master Yi

Master Yi is the perfect combat stat Legend for players who like playing attack damage carry compositions. Scaling attack speed means that attack damage compositions can just skip on mediocre attack speed items and just go full damage. There really isn't a downside to the Legend outside of being forced to play AD comps that like to swing fast.


Vladimir is the perfect Legend for the type of player that usually has a weak early game but can turn the corner in the mid to late game. Also known as a lose streak player. What Vladimir lacks in terms of items or econ or even champions, he gives when it comes to raw stats. The HP gains on every champion in the mid to late game are often on par or even better than the value other Legend augments give. This is of course only true of a player can actually spike before they die.


The other side of the coin to Master Yi. Viegar is the Legend for Magic damage mains as it focuses on giving champions the ability to crit on their…abilities. Essentially, Viegar gives champions a free Jeweled Gauntlet which is huge since that means that players don't have to build the damage amplifier and can instead focus on repeat casting, healing or even more raw damage. But also like Master Yi, this is really only good if players are going into the game knowing they are only playing AP carries.


Speaking of Tempo, there is a far more riskier tempo Legend players can take besides Bard. Earlier in Set 9, Draven was by far the most broken Legend and essentially forced a Tier 0 meta where Draven was the only viable option due to how skewed the Spoils of War augment was. But in TFT Set 9.5, the Spoils of War augment is toned down to a point where it likely does not have expected value — especially if a player can't snowball it early.

Tahm Kench

For the Econ players that want to maximize their gold as fast as possible. Tahm Kench seems really good on paper but when the metagame revolves around a strong early game, taking the Legend that aims to lose streak is very risky as it forces the player to spike hard in the mid-game or die before they can even roll down their mountain of gold.


There is really nothing to say about Pengu as it's literally designed to be for beginner users that are new to the augment system. The augments offered by Pengu are on the weaker side and for experienced players, they are going to want to stay away from the Legend.