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The Best Headliners in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

A look at the data from shows players which Headliners are the most likely to lead them to victory.

Perhaps the hardest set mechanic to master in Teamfight Tactics history, Headliners are the most important thing separating comps and players from each other and mastery over which Headliners the best are for sure the difference between winning and losing LP.

With data from, ESI’s TFT expert breaks down the best Headliners at each cost interval and gives players insight on which shiny boxes they should be clicking in their shops. Here are the Best Headliners in TFT Set 10, Remix Rumble.

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The best Headliners in TFT Set 10 Remix Rumble

  • Yorick
  • Akali
  • Samira
  • Jax
  • Annie

Best Five-Cost Headliner: Yorick

Out of all the five-cost Headliners, Yorick takes the top spot in S-Tier with his absurd 2.98 average placement in DIamond and above lobbies. Specifically, this is the Pentakill Yorick which is critical to cap out Pentakill boards and gives Yorick the best buff as his empowered ability lets him turn on the bonus faster and clean up fights better as well.

The Guardian Yorick Headliner squeaked into the top five five-cost headliners as well with the rest of the list containing Crowd Diver Qiyana, Big Shot Jhin and Jazz Lucian.

Olaf pentakill skin

Best Four-Cost Headliner: Akali

The crazy thing about Akali’s placement at the top of the four-cost headliner tier list is that she has the top two spots to herself. Both the True Damage and the Executioner Akali headliners lead the way with average placements just shy of 4.00. This is because of how flexible Akali is in team comps, players are usually not upset when Akali shows up as a headliner in their shop as she can be thrown in many comps as the main carry or secondary carry.

Being the most flexible carry in the four-cost spot is crazy because not only does Akali have the top two four-cos spots, she has the 4th and 5th spot too being the K/DA variants. In the middle is K/DA Ahri.

Best Three-Cost Headliner: Samira

There has been two queens that have claimed the three-cost headliner throne in TFT Remix Rumble so far being Jazz Miss Fortune and Country Samira and it looks like Samira has outlasted the nerfs and buffs. As the lone three-cost headliner to have an average placement under 4.00, Country Samira shows the strengths of the Samira/Urgot reroll composition.

Country Urgot is among the top five three-cost headliners alongside Jazz Miss Fortune, Sentinel Ekko and Crowd Diver Yone.

Best Two-Cost Headliner: Jax

The latest menace on the ladder has been the introduction of EDM Jax. The EDM trait has taken players a while for them to grasp the strengths of the trait and it’s Jax’s turn to be the trait's literal headliner. The reward of his efforts is taking the top spot in the two-cost headliner department with an average placement of 4.10. Specifically, the EDM version not the Mosher version as the EDM Jax comp thrives on those quick cast times.

Round out the top five two-cost headliners are Rapidfire and True Damage Senna which are vital parts of the popular reroll Senna composition as well as K/DA Seraphine and Dazzler Bard.

Best One-Cost Headliner: Annie

Barely making it into the S-Tier is the top one-cost Headliner in the game, Annie. Annie has been the beacon of hope for one-cost reroll players in TFT Set 10 so far as she has consistently been the only legitimate option to take a low-cost reroll composition into the late game. Her Emo headliner variation is the one that has landed her at a respectable 4.18 average placement just making it into the 4.20 threshold needed for S-Tier.

Rounding out the top five one-cost headliners are Rapidfire Jinx, True Damage Yasuo, Spellweaver Annie and Big Shot Corki who all could be legitimate S-Tier threats with just a few more buffs.