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A long-awaited visual update is just the tip of the iceberg. League of Legends players got some huge updates in the recent Dev Update, which went over bots, midseason adjustments, champion changes, and a new game mode.

Jeremy “Brightmoon” Lee and Andrei “Meddler” Van Roon presented the recent Dev Update, which outlined all of the big plans developers have for 2023 and beyond. Here are some of the most important topics that League of Legends fans need to know going forward.

Midseason Updates

For the first time ever, League of Legends is getting a partial reset in July before the second ranked split. This was discussed further in a developer blog, but essentially, the team is using this time to make adjustments to various game systems and content.

“The biggest focus of midseason this time is itemization,” Meddler explained. “At a high level, we’re not happy with the current system of mythic items. And based on feedback, neither are you. During midseason, we’ll be testing some stuff out.”

This will start with some simple changes to things like ADC mythic items. But the system as a whole may be changed based on how the mythic item experimentation goes. The devs could even explore some “radical changes” like removing mythic items as a concept.

Bots — The Good and Bad

Bots are another big topic right now, with both the good and bad kind getting strong feedback from players.

First, developers want to address unwanted bots in the game. They do silent ban waves that are meant to reduce the number of unwanted bots in queues, especially ranked. They do this quietly in an attempt to make it harder for bot makers to respond. This process is still being worked on.

There are also changes being done to good bots. Said Brightmoon: “We brought a new team together focusing on improving our bot AI. We want to build bots that will help new and experienced players alike practice and get better at League in a less stressful environment.”

The new bots will be tested on PvE later this year.

Quality of Life

Developers are also looking at some typical quality-of-life updates during this time. Some of these include improving the emote wheel and in-game dialogue.

The devs said that the emote wheel may increase from five to nine slots and they may also look for ways to make it easier to search and select emotes.

There have also been 4,500 voice lines removed from about 100 champions. That’s because these lines don’t function or don’t work properly, according to Meddler. These are being worked on so they can be added back to the game. The team has gone through one-third of them so far.

Champion Updates

Producer of Gameplay Ryan “Reav3” Mireles joined the Dev Update to give some much-needed insight into champion changes that are in the works.

A long time ago, fans started asking for a new creature champion that wasn’t humanoid or a cute animal (cough Yuri). Now, the League of Legends devs are introducing Naafiri, an easy-to-play assassin and new jungler with an uncontrollable bloodlust, Briar.

While new champions are always exciting news, some champion updates are getting delayed. Skarner’s visual update has been getting a lot of positive reactions from League players, but developers need extra time to get his gameplay “just right.” Due to this, his update won’t arrive until early 2024.

“Artists have been working on a visual update that top lane fighter players will be excited about,” Reav3 said.

After Jax had his gameplay updated, developers are now working on a visual update for him as well. He still won’t get a real weapon, Reav3 said, but he now carries a lamp post from his hometown Icathia before it was swallowed by the Void.

“This is the last thing he has from home so he never lets it out of his sight. And the thing is huge,” Reav3 said. “He is finally getting his long-deserved visual update.”

2v2v2v2 Game Mode

The last big update revolved around this exciting new game mode. This unique take on a deathmatch mode has League of Legends players hyped, especially those looking for intense champion duels.

Developers are building a new map completely from the ground up to support this new game mode.

No specific date was given for 2v2v2v2 except that it’s coming this summer along with the “big summer event.” It will come out in an “experimental stage” to not make players wait.