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New Yordle Unit! — All About Teamfight Tactics Set 11, Inkborn Fables

Alune and brand new Yordle, Kobuko highlight all the new things showing up in TFT Set 11 Inkborn Fables

With the Teamfight Tactics Remix Rumble Championship now behind us, it's time to make the jump from Set 10 to TFT Set 11. TFT Inkborn Fables takes players to a familiar setting last seen in TFT Fates but this time with a new cast of never-before-seen traits, mechanics and champions making their Riot Games debut.

Here is everything we know so far about TFT Set 11 before it hits the live servers in Patch 14.6 on Wednesday, March 20.

TFT introduces Alune and brand new Yordle, Kobuko


In perhaps the biggest surprise of the entire TFT Set 11 reveal, Riot has once again decided to give the auto battler a couple of exclusive champions.

The first time they did this was back in TFT Set 6 when they introduced Arcane villain, Silco into the game. Now five sets later, it's time for two new exclusives and both are bound to be popular.

Up first is a champion that many people thought would make its way into League of Legends before hitting the convergence in TFT. Alune, who in the lore of League of Legends is Apbelios' Sister is a full-fledged champion in TFT Set 11.

As a three-cost Umbral Invoker, Alune commands a giant crescent moon-like staff to lay waste to enemy champions showing that she is more than capable of fighting on her Brother's level (who is also in Set 11 as a three-cost champion).

The other exclusive champion in TFT Set 11 was teased a little in the initial trailer and that is a new Yordle champion, Kobuko.

Kabuko is a one-cost Fortune Bruiser who scales health with the amount of gold a player has. Kabuko is definitely on the bigger side when it comes to Yordles but Riot did mention to expect to see Kobuko in future sets.

Encounter exciting in-game events with the new set mechanic

Encounters is the set mechanic for TFT Set 11. Throughout the game players will receive random in-game events in which a giant champion will come onto the board and will give the player something.

These encounters vary in a ton of ways. Some encounters have a relatively small impact, like making a carousel have one extra component to warping how the game is played.


An example of the latter is Kayn who comes down at Stage 1-1 and states that he will come back at Stage 5-4 at that time, Kayn will kill all players on the spot starting with the least amount of health to the most.

Essentially, when players Encounter Kayn, they know the game will end on Stage 5-4 and whoever has the most HP wins.

There can be anywhere from 2-5 encounters per game and there are over 80 to explore.

Dive into cool new vertical traits

Heavenly is this set's premier reroll trait. Each champion in the trait provides a unique stat bonus and the trait itself can be activated with any number of Heavenly champions. What makes this trait a reroll trait is that the stat bonuses scale with star level and five of the six champions in the trait are three-cost and below.

Inkshadow is a brand new trait making its debut in TFT Set 11 in which players will gain unique Inkshadow items depending on the number of Inkshadow champions in play. The items received differ from game to game.

The most infamous reroll trait in the history of TFT is back as Fortune makes its return after a 7-set hiatus. Fortune still functions as a lose-streak econ trait but this time players are able to cash out after random intervals that are determined by a dice roll.

TFT Set 11 Release Schedule

While the game will be released at the end of March on the live servers, players will be able to Jam games before the set launches by playing on the Public Beta environment.

The PBE for TFT Set 11 launches quickly as it hits PBE on Tuesday, March 5th and will be available for a full two weeks in order for Riot to get the last touches on the game before it makes its debut in patch 14.6 on Wednesday, March 20.