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VALORANT — Best Team Comps on Sunset

These compositions maximize the potential of the best agents on the Sunset map in VALORANT.
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Sunset’s large and open structure necessitates team play and coordination. It’s vital to ensure your team’s composition is compatible and works well together in addition to choosing an individually capable agent. A coordinated team can make or break a victory, so let’s examine which compositions will best complement Sunset’s unique design!

Map Control: Raze, Harbor, Cypher, Skye, Viper

Sunset Valorant map team composition map control

This composition is chock-full of smoke and sentinel utility, ensuring your team gains and maintains control of the large and twisting map. Double smokes from Viper and Harbor quash pushes on the defender side, especially if the enemy team is low on flashes. Cypher can work with Viper to completely deny access to A site and block off a portion of mid.

Skye’s flashes are great to clear close corners, and her Trailblazer can aid in a push and provide information. In addition, her heal provides teammates with greater freedom to take duels. Getting early kills and being healed by Skye can provide valuable map space and tip the odds in your team’s favor. Use Raze’s kit to take up space – on the attack, her blast packs are essential for breaking crossfires and exploding on the site.

Info Overload: Raze, Cypher, Harbor, Fade, Skye

Info overload team comp on Valorant map Sunset

A double-initiator composition on such a large map seems questionable – but there is a method to the madness. Since Sunset has such strong lurk potential, Skye’s Trailblazer and Fade’s Prowler can continually reclear corridors and gain information along with Cypher’s camera and tripwires. Players should strive to aggressively take and preserve space on this map on both the attacker and defender sides. 

Fade is a wise pick since Raze and Fade’s seize and grenade combo are deadly in Sunset’s enclosed and labyrinthine corridors and can potentially cause significant damage to enemies condensed in B-Main. Meanwhile, Harbor’s Cove and High Tide can lock down B while Cypher’s kit protects A and divides the map.

Coordinated Aggression: Raze, Skye, Chamber, Neon, Astra

Aggro comp on Valorant map Sunset

While Astra is used frequently in the pro circuit, she can be a questionable pick in ranked. She has a high learning curve and heavy reliance on timing and game sense, which are weaknesses of many low-ELO players. However, her smokes suit Sunset well as they are significantly larger than Omen and Brimstone’s and can be placed anywhere on the map. In addition, since Sunset’s sites are wide open, Astra’s Gravity Well and Nova Pulse can be handy in post-plant scenarios to playtime.

While Chamber locks down mid, Neon and Raze can focus on getting kills. Neon’s stun is deadly when securing timing picks on choke points and reclearing link areas. Raze can also satchel onto a site after Neon stuns. Skye’s flash, Trailblazer information and heals are a security cushion so Neon and Raze can operate to their full potential.

All of these comps are strong, but they also rely on the assumption that each player is playing an agent they are comfortable with. Be sure to explore the utility of your agent in other game modes and communicate with your teammates during the match. After all, practice makes perfect!