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  • SEN zekken on C9 vs SEN VALORANT match.
  • SEN zekken on VCT Americas League roleswap.
  • Who do Sentinels play in VCT Americas League?
  • How can you watch the VCT Americas League?

The C9 vs SEN VALORANT match was one that many North American VALORANT viewers had high expectations for. Cloud9 has been one of the best teams in the VCT Americas League, as noted by their 4-1 record coming into their series against Sentinels. Meanwhile, Sentinels have continued to be a formidable opponent all throughout the VCT Americas League.

However, this past weekend, the C9 vs SEN VALORANT match was anything but close. Cloud9 had an answer for all of Sentinels’ plans and strategies with the series ending on a quick 2-0 as C9 rose to 5-1 and Sentinels fell to 2-4.

Zekken on C9 vs SEN VALORANT match

Cloud9 leaf

C9 leaf was the star of the C9 vs SEN VALORANT match.

Following the C9 vs SEN VALORANT match, there were no excuses from the side of Sentinels star Zachary “zekken” Patrone.

“I played like s***, and I think they just practiced well against us,” zekken said. “They had a great game plan, and on my end, I just couldn’t hit my shots when I needed to.”

The C9 vs SEN VALORANT match was uncharacteristic for the young Sentinels star as zekken was constantly outgunned by Cloud9’s star Nathan “leaf” Orf. Throughout the two games, zekken accumulated a 0.57 Rating and only 15 kills, a heavy outlier from his usual dominance in the VCT Americas League.

There have been a lot of changes happening in Sentinels’ VALORANT lineup. Last week, Sentinels subbed in sixth man Jimmy “Marved” Nguyen in place of Tyson “TenZ” Ngo. As a result, zekken was swapped into the duelist role. Yet, despite this, zekken has transitioned smoothly into the team’s primary carry. While the C9 vs SEN VALORANT match wasn’t the best indication, “it doesn’t feel too different” according to zekken.

“The adjustment has been perfect, and honestly, it all feels the same,” zekken said. “It’s been a good two weeks on this role, and it doesn’t feel too different.”

Despite the tough series against Cloud9, spirits were still promising for zekken. There wasn't an inkling of doubt that he could bounce back from this series. One of the biggest credits for this unwavering mindset has been because of his systems built in place for moving forward.

“I always try to write down everything that I’m feeling,” zekken said. “It’s just really good to get all those ideas down when they are fresh in my head so I can reflect on them.”

He highlighted how every loss is followed by a period to "chill" after these notes so that he can move forward into every week better and wiser.

Who do Sentinels play next?

Regardless, Sentinels VCT Americas League season isn’t over yet. In fact, they are still within striking distance of a spot in the postseason at 2-4 in the VCT Americas League.

Sentinels will take on Evil Geniuses in week 6 of the VCT Americas League on May 6, as both teams will be eyeing their third win.

With the VCT Americas League playoff race at its highest intensity, it will be interesting to see what six teams end up with by the end of the regular season. Whether Sentinels can piece together a strong enough run to make playoffs remains to be seen.

How to watch the VCT Americas League?

VALORANT viewers who are interested in watching all the VCT Americas League games live can check out the games every week from Saturday to Monday. You can watch the live streams through the VALORANT Americas Twitch and YouTube channels.