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VALORANT PBE 8.03 Includes Chamber Buffs, Teases New Agent and More

VALORANT PBE 8.03 is here to restore Chamber's place in the meta, encourage player esports interaction and tease the upcoming 'Smokedancer' agent.

Chamber mains rejoice – VALORANT PBE 8.03 will restore Chamber's menacing Tour de Force fire rate and cheapen Headhunter use. The VALORANT team is also teasing many interesting future developments in this patch. The 'Smokedancer' agent looms on the horizon, and Cypher and Fade have plenty to say on the subject in new voicemails. Plus, players can now support their preferred teams through the VCT season with exciting Capsule Bundles in the Esports Hub tab! Let's dive into all the excitement PBE 8.03 has to offer.


Chamber buffs in Patch 8.03 are sure to excite fans. Source: Riot Games

What Chamber buffs are coming in PBE 8.03?

Chamber is one of VALORANT's most volatile agents. The French sniper has seen every side of the meta, from his unstoppable reign after his introduction to a severe nerf banishing him to the depths of agent pick rates. PBE 8.03 intends to make Chamber a more viable competitive Sentinel. With a stronger ultimate and cheaper Headhunter, he can consistently hold team territory against invaders.

Chamber Buffs:

  • Headhunter's cost will decrease from 150 to 100 credits.
  • Tour de Force's fire rate will increase from 0.7 to 0.9.

What esports updates are in PBE 8.03?

VCT season is kicking off, and that means it's time to show more support to professional teams and players than ever. This year, players have the opportunity to represent their favorite team in-game – Capsule Bundles are here to purchase.

Esports Updates:

  • Players can preview each team's Capsule Bundle in the Teams Tab.
  • Players can buy a Capsule Bundle in the Esports Hub to drip out their cosmetic collection and support their favorite team.
Smokedancer Playercard

A butterfly-themed player card teasing VALORANT's new Smokedancer agent. Source: VALORANT / Riot Games

What else has VALORANT included in PBE 8.03?

Aside from Chamber buffs, PBE 8.03 includes some fascinating additions to VALORANT lore. Players will also discover agent-related easter eggs and minor updates.

Lore Additions:

  • Players can read an email from Chamber containing a charming review of the new Outlaw gun  – luckily, it has Chamber's full approval!
  • Players can listen to voicemails from Cypher and Fade about Omen's mysterious disappearance and the new butterfly-themed 'Smokedancer' agent.

Bug Fixes:

  • VALORANT devs fixed an issue that incorrectly rounded up kills in the summary after a game.

With PBE 8.03, VALORANT players can support beloved VCT stars while making their own pro-level clips with Chamber's deadly updated utility. Stay tuned for upcoming VALORANT PBE patches where fans will likely learn more about Smokedancer, developing lore and ongoing bug fixes. Enjoy Chamber's return to the meta – let's hope this time, he'll be here to stay!