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Huge Premier Mode Updates: Valorant Episode 8 Act 2

It is now easier than ever to enroll and play in VALORANT’s Premier mode – here’s what you need to know about recent updates before you gather a team and sweep the competition.

VALORANT's Premier Mode allows players to face off with opponents at a step above Competitive Queue levels. 

VALORANT’s Episode 8 is all about renovation and renewal. So far, developers have delivered refreshing Icebox and Lotus changes, substantial Chamber buffs, fresh UI updates and more. There's also a change in mindset since VCT season has players hyped up and in the mood for competition – Riot Games is adjusting VALORANT's Premier Mode accordingly so your teams can face opponents confidently. Let’s examine all the Stage Episode 8 Act 2 Premier updates and their implications for players.

Official images detailing Episode 8 Act 2 Premier updates. Source: Riot Games

Official images detailing Episode 8 Act 2 Premier updates. Source: Riot Games

What Premier Mode updates are coming to VALORANT?

VALORANT is delivering several Premier mode updates in addition to general Episode 8 Act 2 patch notes. The updates are as follows:

Rematch Protection

  • Teams will no longer face the same team twice in a Stage.

No More Enrollment

  • Players can now create a team and start playing at any point during a Stage.

Playoff Results

  • Standings will now show playoff results as matches finish.

Immediate Division Placement

  • Provisional Division will be visible immediately after Team Creation. It may change with Roster or Zone switches but will lock in after your first Match.

Zone Flexibility

  • You can now change your Zone any time before your first Stage match.

How will these updates affect Premier teams and players?

The updates are mainly quality-of-life centered and will streamline the Premier player experience. Rematch Protection will prevent repetitive matchups and ensure teams constantly adapt and improve. Zone flexibility and immediate Provisional Division visibility will give teams the most information possible to be better prepared for their matches.

In addition, changing the roster lock-in process and removing the enrollment period will likely increase the Premier player base and thus provide more variety in games. Joining and playing in Premier mode will overall be easier – teams have enough to worry about with selecting comps, aim training and winning in-game duels. The enrollment and seeding process shouldn’t be another weight on players’ backs.

What does the community think?

VALORANT players were relatively happy about the changes and commented positively on However, plenty also took the opportunity to suggest further changes to improve VALORANT Premier. Many players want better Premier in-game rewards to make their time and experience worthwhile, and others ask for in-game ‘looking-for-team’ options. VALORANT YouTuber and star Yoru Main @Ziiptie commented: “Good changes but premier definitely needs a reason to grind. Has the same issue as ranked where the rewards aren’t really anything at all, so I’d rather 5 stack comp with friends.”

Regardless of necessary future improvements, these current Episode 8 Act 2 changes are a massive step in the right direction for VALORANT's Premier Mode players. Enjoy your VALORANT games, and good luck in your Premier matches!