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VALORANT — Top 3 Killjoy Setups on Lotus

These savvy sentinel setups will prepare any Killjoy for even the most fearsome push.

Killjoy is one of the most essential VALORANT agents. She has consistently remained in the meta over time, and for good reason – her utility is crucial to preserve space and prevent pushes. A strong Killjoy player should protect the site with their life and take down a few enemies with them if necessary. Though Killjoy is strong on most maps, Lotus is one where she is a vital pick. Since the map is large, teams need to control space correctly to ensure a win. 

This makes her flank turrets especially useful on the attack, and Killjoy is a menace on Lotus's defense. Let’s examine the Killjoy setups that will prove to your team that you’re not just tech support!

The C-Site Surprise

killjoy c setup on lotus valorant

Protecting the C and A sites enables Lotus defenders to pinch opponents rotating or putting pressure through B site. This site also has only one choke point, making it the most important for Killjoy to protect. C site is closed-in and dense. Swarm grenades are thus extremely effective. To maximize the damage of this setup, place a turret facing C main on top of the box backside. 

The turret height redirects the enemy crosshair so you can swing on its contact and secure several picks. It is a pain for opponents to destroy and deals supplementary damage. Swarm grenades should be placed along with an alarmbot in the bend corner leading to the plant area. This area is very cramped, and popping grenades in it forces the enemy to take damage or commit into exposed areas.

The B-Site Bamboozle

killjoy setup lotus in valorant

If the enemies become too conditioned to your setups, it’s okay to switch things up. Aggressive B pushes may warrant an equally intense B setup. First, place your turret in the A link pocket flush to the wall. Players should ensure that they play from the B upper angle to make sure this turret stays active. Another advantage of playing from B upper is that players pushing out of B main will be forced to turn and shoot the turret, guaranteeing at least one easy pick. 

Meanwhile, place an alarmbot in the B main entryway before the round starts. Once the barrier drops, you should have time to toss a swarm grenade on each side of the B main cubby near the box. If placed correctly, these grenades will introduce the enemy team to a world of pain as they push in.

The A-Site Essential

A site killjoy setup on lotus valorant

A site is tricky to defend thanks to double entry points – enemies can push through tree room or attempt to run up A main. These pushes are usually the most aggressive and Killjoy needs to defend against them. A failed A site defense can give enemies access to A site, stairs, defender spawn and door to B site. To prevent this, place a killjoy turret behind the A main crates facing towards site. If you keep tree control, you can crossfire with this turret and do critical damage. 

Placing an alarmbot inside the tree room along with two swarm grenades is another strong play. If the alarmbot breaks, the swarm grenades can still be popped on the door opening audio cue. These grenades deal damage before forcing the tree players to swing into you from this angle. Timing is essential with this setup – practice isolating your ones beforehand.

Using effective setups is important, but securing kills on enemies after the setup damages them is just as vital. Make sure to also check out our guide on easy ways to improve your VALORANT aim. With strong setups, crispy aim and confidence, you too can become a Killjoy the enemy team fears!