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In competitive FPS titles such as VALORANT and Call of Duty, it is quite normal for an intense match to feature trash talk and bm during the game to create excitement. One of the most popular forms of doing this is to shoot dead bodies to taunt your opponents following a round win. However, it appears that type of taunt holds a different notion in Japan.

Recently, Murash Gaming’s Yuto “million” Ueno took to Twitter to explain that he will “no longer shoot dead bodies” in Japan Challengers Split Two, citing that it goes against the rules of the event. In that same tweet, million apologized for his actions, creating a mixture of confusion from the western audience that views this form of practice as normal taunting.

“I understand Asian culture views BM differently to western cultures, but this stuff needs an international stance determined by Riot or whoever is in charge of VCT operations,” One Redditor commented. “Kinda dumb something isn’t tolerated in one region but accepted in another. I personally think shooting bodies is extremely mild bm.”

According to the VALORANT Global rulebook, there is no rule that forbids players from shooting dead bodies, though the rulebook has not been updated since 2021. Additionally, each league could operate on a separate rulebook. Regardless, it will be interesting to see if this culture around shooting bodies continues to remain different in the NA and EMEA regions.

Murash Gaming recently lost to IGZIST in the opening round of Group C 2-0. As a result, million and Murash Gaming will now look to make a lower bracket run to qualify for the VCT Challengers League Japan: Split 2 Main Stage. Their lower bracket journey will start by taking on Focus e-Sports tonight at 9 pm PT.

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