XDefiant Netcode Issue — How to Fix

XDefiant is having netcode issues after Season 1 dropped. Can it be fixed at all?

XDefiant players were pumped about Season 1 dropping so they could just into Ranked mode and try out the new faction and maps. Unfortunately, the latest update brought about even more issues with netcode. Here's how to fix the XDefiant netcode issue while we wait for a developer update.

XDefiant Season 1 Netcode Issue

After Season 1 dropped, a lot of FPS players noticed that the netcode issues that persisted the last few months only got worse. On Reddit, XDefiant fans ranted that gunfights don't feel satisfying or accurate, with enemies feeling as if they're "in the future" or their bullets not registering when they press the fire button.

This is not a new issue, unfortunately. Players have been calling out the game's netcode and hit registration problems for months. Executive Producer Mark Rubin even acknowledged the ongoing issues back in May, claiming that the team is "working on improvements." But he added this could take time since there are so many reasons netcode can have issues.

Since May, gamers haven't really seen any improvements with netcode. Bullets have continued not to register in time, leaving players frustrated that their fast reactions are meaningless and gameplay doesn't feel competitive and fair.

How to Fix XDefiant Netcode

XDefiant's netcode issues could be due to so many different issues. For this reason, it's hard to pinpoing why it's happening. There are some things you can try but nothing is currently guaranteed.

One big discussion surrounds XDefiant's server space. It's a new game with a new season dropping, so it's possible that the influx of players has created problems on servers. This can't be solved on players' ends at the moment, but you can try playing during less popular times when less players are online.

For now, we will have to wait for Ubisoft to finally come forward with a stable issue that targets the netcode problem. It's unclear when that will happen.

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