XDefiant's Xbox Servers Are Down

First-Person Shooter XDefiant's Xbox servers are down: here's what we know
XDefiant servers are down as part of a greater Xbox server issue.
XDefiant servers are down as part of a greater Xbox server issue. /

UPDATE: Xbox has announced that the problem has been resolved

Though a 2024 breakout to the competitive first-person shooter scene, XDefiant has attracted a dedicated player base and is loved by its community. The game ties together locations from beloved Ubisoft franchises such as Splinter Cell, Far Cry and Watch Dogs. XDefiant's first year on the market has been a huge success, but on June 2nd, 2024, the game is facing server issues due to a larger Xbox server shutdown. This Xbox downtime crisis affects many well-known titles including XDefiant, VALORANT Console, and Call of Duty. Here's everything we know about the situation as it unfolds.

When did XDefiant Xbox servers go down?

XDefiant's Xbox servers shut down as part of a greater Xbox server issue sometime between 2:00 P.M. EST and 3:00 P.M. EST on June 2nd, 2024. Other popular Xbox titles, including Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and VALORANT Console, were also affected. At 2:55 P.M. EST, Xbox Support's Twitter.com account tweeted stating they are "aware that some users have been disconnected from Xbox Live." Another tweet followed at 4:08 P.M. EST, where @XboxSupport notified the community that their "investigation is taking longer than expected" and thanked them for their "patience and reports."

When will XDefiant Xbox servers be back up?

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XDefiant console players on Xbox are facing downtime. / Xbox

While we have no idea when Xbox servers will be back online, we can assume from @XboxSupport's 4:08 P.M. EST update that reopenings may take longer than expected. This could range from hours to a day or more. XDefiant's Xbox servers obviously cannot reopen until Xbox remedies its greater server issues. Players can follow @XboxSupport on Twitter for real-time updates.

What issues will players experience on XDefiant currently?

As of now, Xbox users are unable to login on console. In addition, the community cannot login to Xbox Live on Microsoft or PC platforms. Since players cannot login to Xbox Live, they will be unable to play XDefiant until Xbox resolves the issue.

While the server issues are frustrating and unexpected, there is no doubt the game will make a defiant (pun intended) return once things return to normal. Keep watch for more updates as the situation unfolds. Plus, stay tuned for more XDefiant esports and game news and updates!

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