XDefiant Devs Promise Weapon XP Rework

XDefiant have listened to the players, and a Weapon XP rework is coming

XDefiant’s last update on June 18th sparked a lot of conversation in the community, most of it being criticism of the update to Weapon XP. Progression has been an issue in XDefiant since launch, and the goal of the Weapon XP change was to make attachments faster to unlock, and mastery camos harder to achieve. However, the players did not like this change at all, and the community made their voices heard on social media.

Today, Mark Rubin, Executive Producer of XDefiant, released a post explaining how they’ve heard the feedback, and will be making changes.

XDefiant’s NEW Weapon XP Update

While it has not been announced when this update will come, a few things will change when it comes to Weapon XP. Firstly, Primary Weapons will now need 1,500 XP to level up compared to the original 3,000 XP, and Secondary Weapons will require 500 XP compared to 1,000 XP. Effectively, this should make weapon leveling twice as fast.

The levels that you need to get to unlock a mastery skin are staying the same but the net effect is that this will revert the change we made but keep the 14% speed increase.

This will mean that unlocking attachments will be super fast but the grind for Gold will be 14% faster than what it was before the recent patch. It also means that everyone will get a big bump in their current level.

This change will be coming very soon and as soon as I have a specific date I will let you know.

Mark Rubin - Executive Producer
XDefiant image of players in game

Mark Rubin also went on to explain why they made the change in the first place:

“The main grind we have in game right now is Weapon Mastery. This is something we are working on and have new ways for players to grind out cool rewards coming in multiple future updates. Like for instance Ranked will be coming in Season 1. But because weapon mastery was the only grind we had, we feared that players would achieve the end of that grind too fast and that would make the skins feel less special and rewarding.

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But, here is the issue. We made a change while the game is live and people had already put in effort towards progression. This was a mistake on our part and we will own that. And that is why we are actually reverting and making it technically even better than before because attachments will unlock much faster.  What we should have done is keep our focus on the new grinds and challenges that we are working on. In other words keep the focus on what’s actually fun for the players.”

While it’s not clear when this change will happen, and if we’ll get it before Season 1 drops on July 2nd, it’s great to see XDefiant actually respond to the community, and make changes on the fly.

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