By Jimmy Traina
February 07, 2013

"If He Starts To Break It, Go Tackle Him"

Joe Flacco Joe Flacco ::

Those were the words uttered by Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco while ON THE SIDELINE prior to Baltimore kicking off to  San Francisco's Ted Ginn in the final seconds of Super Bowl XLVII. When Ravens tight end Dennis Pitta responded to Flacco's strategy with an incredulous, "Really?" Flacco admitted he didn't know what would happen if a Ravens player came off the sideline to tackle Ginn. You can hear this exchange at the 3:50 mark of this video.

If Any Athlete Would Consider It...

An adult film company has offered Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski $3.75 million to do a scene with his old friend, Bibi Jones. Obviously, we assume Gronk will turn this down, but we'll still have fun with this. Since porn titles are often humorous, send me what you think a Gronk porno should be titled and I'll print the best ones tomorrow. Keep in mind this is Certain words cannot be published, so be smart about your entry.

Man's Best Friend

When pitcher Mark Buehrle was traded from Florida to Toronto, he had to make a choice: Get rid of his pitbull, which are banned in Ontario, or leave his family back in St. Louis for the season. He chose to keep the pitbull.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Sara Balint Sara Balint ::

U.S. model Sara Balint gets today's LLOD honors.

Mic'd Up

Here's a great inside look at what happens during a hockey fight. Flyers forward Zac Rinaldo was mic'd up when he mixed it up with Lightning forward B.J. Crombeen on Tuesday. You can hear him ask the ref to make sure he didn't cross the line by hitting Crombeen when he was down.

Only 30? has an amusing look at the 30 worst things to happen to the Internet.

Kai Video Of The Day

A few days ago, "Kai" became a viral sensation after giving one of the most memorable TV interviews in history. During the interview, Kai described saving a woman's life by using a hatchet on a couple of guys who attacked her. Well, Kai is back with this brand new interview.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Video Of The Day

Several of you have you requested that I post this new promo video for Jennifer Love Hewitt's show, The Client List.

Sports Talk Radio Video Of The Day

For my fellow Mike Francesa fans, this was the start of today's show.

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