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The NFL According To British Teenagers

The NFL has made little secret of its ambitions in the U.K., but a crossover phenomenon it's not. At least not if the 10 British teenagers interviewed for this lighthearted five-minute video represent the average young person across the pond.

The subjects, ages 16 through 19, are tested with a series of basic football questions: What is the Super Bowl? What might you see there? What is the NFL?

What follows is the "vast array of misconceptions" the description promises, not least of which involves the definition of a "nickelback."


Football "is like rugby but not." The Super Bowl "was all over Twitter but I don't know what it is." Tebow is "a celebration, I think." The only thing anyone can seem to agree on was Beyoncé.

Even better are the moments of unintentional profundity, as when 16-year-old Elle is asked to describe the game: "People run around a field, get hurt, and pick up a ball ... and shout."