By Jimmy Traina
March 07, 2013

"It Stung Me Right Through The Kleenex

Scorpion Scorpion :: AHMAD AL-RUBAYE/Getty Images

Earlier this week, Yankees general manager Brian Cashman broke his ankle jumping out of a plane. Yesterday, Brewers general manager Doug Melvin had to go to the hospital after getting stung by a scorpion that had gotten in his house. Sadly, this is not the first time a sports figure has been attacked by a creature.

This Is What Happens When There Is No Dominant Team

Here's an infographic that shows every NCAA team beating each other in the shape of a giant question mark.

The Life Of An Athlete

Cavaliers guard Kyrie Irving doesn't have time to wash underwear before embarking on a road trip. Here's how he handles the problem.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Laura Vandervoort Laura Vandervoort :: Donato Sardella/Getty Images

Staff Sergeant Mike Vitzer, of Orlando, says, "Jimmy, I'm serving a two-year tour in Seoul, South Korea, for our U.S. Army. Your Hot Clicks keep me thinking of home and I thank you for that. How about Laura Vandervoort for LLOD?" Here you go, Sergeant.

This Is Using Your Head

Based on this experiment done at a recent rugby match, cameras on refs will be the wave of the future.

Dancing Video Of The Day

You may not realize this, but sometimes in life, you just need to see a large man in a small speedo dance like a nut. Things don't pick up until the two-minute mark, and then he takes things to a whole other level at the three-minute mark.

Movie Trailer Of The Day

The trailer for Hangover Part III was released today.

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