By Jimmy Traina
March 12, 2013

Only The Jets

The official New York Jets Twitter feed posed this question to its nearly 600,000 followers yesterday. To no one's surprise, the results were not pretty (but damn funny).

March Madness Is Under Way

Joe, of Indianapolis, says, "I'm sure there is an article about this game last night somewhere, but I haven't looked for it yet. Anyway, I got an incredible cover with Manhattan +4 last night over Iona. Iona got a steal and a dunk with six seconds left to go up 60-52. So, now, even if Manhattan comes down and hits the meaningless 3-pointer, they still lose by five (and I lose by 1). They do hit the three with 0.1 left (glad the clock operator was on top of stopping that clock). But Iona's bench gets a technical foul, and the Jaspers are awarded two free throws. They hit them both and lose 60-57, covering the four-point spread! It's good to be on the 'right' side of one of these for a change! I hope I get some of the same luck when I'm in Vegas for the tourney next week!" First things first: I just want to say that I truly love the fact that one of my readers bet last night's Manhattan-Iona game. You make me proud. Secondly, here's a short article on how the Iona bettors felt about last night's game.

Arrest/Mugshot Of The Day

Florida Panthers prospect Scott Timmins was arrested Monday after he allegedly broke into someone's home after have a few too many cocktails. I'm including this item in today's Hot Clicks is because I don't think you'll ever see better flow in someone's mugshot.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Danielle Fishel Danielle Fishel: Maxim

My bad. I was supposed to post this yesterday and totally forgot. Anyway, Topanga, aka, Danielle Fishel, is in the new issue of Maxim.

More Athletes Should Do This

The crap athletes take from people on Twitter is pretty surreal. One boxer had enough recently and actually tracked down the person harassing him with nasty tweets. The story is a must read.

Sports Video Of The Day

If you peruse the sports blogosphere and follow sports people on Twitter (hey, follow me!), you have been bombarded with various GIFs and memes memorializing DeAndre Jordan's dunk over Brandon Knight. It's all child's play compared to this video that has legendary WWE announcer Jim Ross calling the play.

Mankind-Undertaker Video Of The Day

If you'd like to relive the actual moment when Jim Ross made the call in the video above, here you go.

Music Video Of The Day

I saw this video about a month ago, but the quality wasn't great and the person filming didn't turn their phone. However, a much better copy has now turned up and it's worth sharing. Billy Joel was doing a Q&A at Vanderbilt University when one student asked if he could join Joel onstage for a duet. The result was the kid getting the thrill of a lifetime.

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