By Jimmy Traina
March 15, 2013

No More Bets Means No More Bets

Craps Craps :: Bloomberg/Getty Images

This is one of my favorite stories in a long time. Broncos safety Quinton Carter, who signed a four-year, $2.495 million as a rookie in 2011 , is being accused by a Las Vegas casino of adding a $5 chip to his craps bets AFTER the dice had already been thrown. As a craps player (by the way, I'm the a-hole who plays "Don't Pass"), I can't fault Carter for thinking he could get away with this since most tables are filled with anarchy and people throwing chips all over and screaming, "DOLLAR YO." But how on earth does he forget that there are cameras ALL OVER THE PLACE? And why risk this for $5 when you make half a mil? Anyway, in light of this arrest, here is a look at nine other athletes who have gotten busted for stealing.

The Week That Was has collected the best memes, screencaps and GIFs of the week.

Proving That Fan Comes From Fanatic

Check out this Emerald City native who is covered in Seattle sports-inspired tattoos. And we're not just talking Mariners and Seahawks. The WNBA and Lingerie Football League are represented, too.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Heather Johansen Heather Johansen :: Courtesy Steve of International Bikini Team

Model Heather Johansen gets today's LLOD honors.

They Feed Off Each Other Well

Canucks goaltenders Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider have teamed up to make one of the funnier athlete comedy videos we've seen in a long time.

Ballinger's Time

Last week, Hot Clicks introduced you to former Purdue long snapper Kevin Ballinger, who will periodically write entries on what life is like a for a former college football player who is trying to live a regular life. Today's offering looks at how Ballinger is trying to get his athletic fix these days.

It has been over a year since I last put on the helmet and shoulder pads and called myself an "athlete" (albeit I was a long snapper, but that is neither here nor there). However, that time has given me the opportunity to finally finish my five-plus year Physical Education degree at Purdue, move 1,100 miles to Texas and begin my professional career. Adjusting to real life has not been what I always imagined. I have to actually go to work and I do not have unlimited money yet. Fortunately for me, and unlike most, my parents have supported me and I have been spoon fed pretty most of my entire life. Having your parents pay for everything all the way through college is pretty cool -- do not knock it until you rock it. However, as we all know, the first time your car breaks down and you have to pay for it yourself, it is a real shot to the nuts.

Along with my active search for a job with infinite pay and minimal working hours, I have been looking for a way to release all this testosterone. I have finally found my athletic out: I do Insanity Workouts and adult intramural sports. No matter when or how an athletic career ends, every former athlete (or team participator, which better describes myself) feels the need to compete well after their prime. Luckily my friends in Texas are in the same boat as me, which is why we have taken to the court to make our mark in the legendary Houston dodgeball scene.

Let me tell you something, adult co-ed dodgeball is not what Hollywood makes it out to be. It is real and it is frightening. As I mentioned earlier, I pretty much have a degree from a top-ranked university. My teammates are also nothing to scoff at: the lineup includes a minor league pitcher, the former No. 1 women's field hockey recruit, my long-snapping predecessor at Purdue, a former BYU cheerleader, a 6-foot-7, 225-pound former pitcher, as well as a kindergarten teacher and my roommate's buddy from home (his name is Dane so naturally I call him DANEgerous, because he is psycho on the court). Because of my self-diagnosed shoulder injury (it hurts when I throw), teams can usually find me somewhere in the back saving my shoulder for when it is truly necessary for a cold, calculated strike. However, because of my overcompensation of strength and inability to move quickly, I usually just throw the foam ball straight into the ground five feet in front of me and get hit by a girl in the process. As it turns out, I am under-qualified to play dodgeball. Listen, if a longsnapper had to be a freak athlete, I would not have made it as far as I did.

Last week there a fight had to be broken up at half court, and the week before that a girl told me after the game that we were "cocky a--holes." Everybody wants to be on top, but that does not mean everybody has to be so sensitive about losing. I am happy to report that the Little Lebowski Urban Achievers are undefeated in league play.

Sports Video Of The Day

Some of you will not like the way this kid hotdogged it and showed up the opposing team. Personally, I love everything about this kid, including the fact that he got his shoelaces tied by his coach. If the video doesn't appear for you, click here. (Thanks to Troy, of Greendale, Wis., for the video.)


Mashup Video Of The Day

I recently plowed through the first five season of Mad Men in about a month and it's easily one of my 10 favorite shows of all time. (How about Fat Betty Draper? Poor Layne! I can't believe Peggy left!) Therefore, when I saw this video today that mashes up the cast members talking about March Madness, I had to include it.

The Weekend Playlist

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we're bookending this week's playlist with songs that apply to the holiday. The first song this week comes courtesy of Irish rock legends The Pogues (and should be familiar to anyone who, like me, is obsessed with The Wire.) The last is about alcohol, and I don't think I need to explain how that connection works.

Click any of the song links to listen, or you can just subscribe to the Hot Clicks Nation playlist on Spotify. Every Friday the playlist will automatically change to that week’s selections, so the new music will come to you. Let me (Tom Mantzouranis) know on Twitter what you like and do not. (Warning: NSFW language in some songs.)

The Pogues, "The Body Of An American"

The Rolling Stones, "Moonlight Mile"

Foxygen, "On Blue Mountain"

The Radio Dept., "Never Follow Suit"

Air France, "Beach Party"

Lushlife, "The Romance Of The Telescope"

"Les Savy Fav, "The Sweat Descends"

Pusha T. feat. Tyler the Creator, "Trouble On My Mind"

Alkaline Trio, "Trouble Breathing"

"New Drink For The Old Drunk"

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