Wednesday's P.M. Hot Clicks

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Ruling Reaction

The NFL passed a rule today that will penalize a running back 15 yards for initiating contact on a defender with the crown of his helmet. As you can see, Bears running back Matt Forte was not pleased.

Even Gutter Balls Will Look Good

Mets pitcher Shaun Marcum owns the coolest bowling ball ever.


Ron Gardenhire doesn't just manage the Minnesota Twins. He's also a father. We now know that he's an active dad, as well, because he recently taught his son how to trim his eyebrows. Hopefully Gardenhire also instructed him on trimming nose hairs, because that is the real hair problem. Not that I'm speaking from experience or anything...

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Helen Flanagan :: Mike Marsland/Getty Images

Helen Flanagan

Soccer WAG and U.K. model and actress Helen Flanagan gets today's LLOD honors.

Tattoo Of The Day

Lakers center Robert Sacrehas a massive tattoo of Snoop Dogg and DMX on his torso.

A Little Twitter Advice

The guy is closing in on two million followers, so he doesn't need a plug, but Kobe Bryant continues to show why he's become one of the better athletes to follow. Here is today's proof. (I'm not closing in on two million followers, so feel free to follow me.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Let's be clear about something: Nobody cares about your bracket.  Nobody cares about President Obama's bracket. Nobody cares about anybody's bracket but their own. However, this is one exception, because the kid is a riot.

Educational Video Of The Day

Full disclosure: For some reason, a group of my friends have this ongoing battle about whether snoozing is a good thing. For example, I'm firmly on Team No Snooze. My buddy Diesel is heavily pro-snooze and gets mad at me because I'm non-snooze. The video below explains whether you should snooze or not.

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