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March Madness' Missing Man

Gus Johnson :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Gus Johnson

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, I posted a classic Gus Johnson video in which he screamed and cackled while calling an Ohio State-Xavier game in the 2007 NCAA tournament. Readers quickly sent e-mails and tweets to tell me that I should've posted "(fill in the blank) video." Since it is the first day of the tournament, and many of us are missing Gus, here are those videos, plus a bonus NFL video.








Too Many Chefs

Television executives love excess. This was on display today when, for some unknown reason, CBS/Turner had Greg Gumbel AND Ernie Johnson host its NCAA tournament studio show. However, the joke was on CBS/Turner because this is how its coverage got started.

Anatomy Of A Transformation

In Tuesday's A.M. Hot Clicks, I revealed that I've gone to the dark side and now find myself rooting for LeBron James and the Heat. Most of you aren't on board, however, as the poll I ran saw 60 percent of you say that you don't want to see Miami break the NBA record of 33 straight wins. For the people like me, though, who've done a 180 on LeBron, this piece on how James won us over is on point.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Melanie Ribbe :: Photo by Joey Wright –

Melanie Ribbe

German-Jamaican model Melanie Ribbe gets today's LLOD honors.

Gingers Are People, Too!

Center Joe Willman led Bucknell with 20 points in its 68-56 loss to Butler in the NCAA tournament this afternoon. All anyone cared about on Twitter, however, is that Willman has red hair.

"Everything Must Go"

The Buffalo Sabres are having a fire sale, complete with an over-the-top commercial.

Cliff Jumping Video Of The Day

Using a trampoline to jump into water looks like fun.

Local News Video Of The Day

What kind of sound did that hail make?