Thursday's P.M. Hot Clicks

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Interesting Sense Of Humor

Capitals forward Alex Ovechkin took a puck to the face at practice today. As you can see from his tweets above, Ovechkin found the injury very funny.

Phil Jackson Is Dominating Twitter

We've chronicled the adventures of the former Bulls and Lakers coach joining Twitter and sending out a typo-filled tweet. Now comes a brilliant video in which Jackson addresses his jumbled message.

This Is How You Prep For The Sweet 16

Syracuse plays Indiana tonight in the West Region. Guard Russ DeRemer fueled up for the game yesterday by eating four bananas in less than a minute.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Clara Alonso :: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Clara Alonso

Spanish model Clara Alonso gets today's LLOD honors.

He Held It Together Pretty Welll

Colorado Avalanche studio host Kyle Keefe tried to introduce a guest named Peter on his show last night. He didn't say Peter, however.

Black Mamba Is Out

Ice Mamba is in.

Bad Parking Video Of The Day

Here's a compilation of parking disasters.

Movie Trailer Video Of The Day

What if The Hangover was a horror film? (Warning: Video contains graphic language.)