By Jimmy Traina
April 03, 2013

Hair This!

Josh Reddick Josh Reddick :: hearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

A's outfielder Josh Reddick would like people to stop telling him he should shave.

Live TV = A Gift

ESPN interviewed a former Rutgers player today to talk about Mike Rice's firing. However, the guy either didn't know he was live or didn't care, because he dropped some very bad words, which was only funny because it caused Bob Ley, a consummate professional, to react in horror.

Speaking Of Bad Words...

Here's a five-minute compilation of coaches arguing with reporters (and cursing a lot).

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Christina Tufford Christina Tufford ::

Model Christina Tufford gets today's LLOD honors. Scroll down for her gallery.

WrestleMania Week

Yesterday, we gave you the betting odds for some of the big matches at the WWE's Super Bowl this Sunday. Today, we have a very fun interview that's Maggie Gray did with The Miz. Meanwhile, the Hall of Very Good has unearthed this 1994 video of some WWE superstars playing softball.

When Making $5 Million Per Year Sucks

Canucks goaltender Roberto Luongo wanted to be traded today, but Vancouver couldn't find a team to take on his contract. When the trade deadline passed, Luongo vented about his deal.

Video Of The Day

Even if you're like me and couldn't  care less about anything have to do with MMA, watch this video of Anderson Silva surprising a sick child in the hospital.

Lightsaber Video Of The Day

Suspend disbelief and just enjoy this kid's love for his Lightsaber.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

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