By Jimmy Traina
April 09, 2013

Can't Fault The Effort

Spike Albrecht Spike Albrecht :: Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Michigan guard Spike Albrecht was still feeling confident early today after his 17-point effort in Monday night's NCAA championship game, so he reached out to a special lady on Twitter.

No Excuse

It's one thing for Baba Booey to botch a first pitch. He's just a producer for the greatest show in radio history. However, if you play quarterback for a Division I school, there is no valid reason for doing what Michigan's Denard Robinson did before today's Blue Jays-Tigers game.

Behavior Problem

It's not just psychotic celebrities and sports media folks who fight with people on Twitter. Hockey teams do it, too.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Amanda Lewis gets today's LLOD honors. (All pictures courtesy of

Shark Attacked

Most videos of a kid crying about something that happened in sports are played out. However, this one featuring a Sharks fan (and recently traded Ryane Clowe fan) is palatable because, 1) the kid isn't hysterical and 2) he has genuine concern about the San Jose franchise.


Wait, which school won the NCAA tournament last night?

Sports Video Of The Day

"One Shining Moment" -- Mike Rice edition.

Onion Video Of The Day

If you're on Twitter (follow me!), you will get a laugh from this "news report."

Food Video Of The Day

It's been a while since we featured an Epic Meal Time video, so we couldn't pass up the 100-pound chocolate bar today. (Thanks to Darren, of Edmonton, for the tip.)

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