By Ryan Glasspiegel
April 23, 2013

tony siragusa man up

Some marketing news that's sure to make a splash: former Indianapolis Colts and Baltimore Ravens defensive tackle and current Fox NFL sideline reporter Tony Siragusa is the face of the new "Guard Your Manhood" ad campaign for Depend Guards and Shields, which protect men against bladder leakage. In the commercial, he's also an accomplished under-sink interior decorator:

The spot directs viewers to, where Siragusa is front and center. While visiting the site users can order free samples or take a quiz on what to do in precarious situations. For example:

You have a cross country flight for work. What do you do?

A) Try to talk your way out of the trip

B) Offer large sums of money to your row-mate for an aisle seat

C) Bring a good book or a laptop to make the time fly

Though it's not provided, the implied correct answer is C: with Depend's products, you can take full advantage of beverage service without having to worry about an in-seat accident interrupting your enjoyment of the latest David Baldacci thriller.

Ad Age has the scoop on Goose's new ambassadorship:

Despite being a common issue caused by such things as prostate cancer and enlargement, diabetes and being overweight, light bladder leakage is something relatively few men buy products for today, said Depend Brand Director Liz Metz.


"Men entering the category are pretty confused," Ms. Metz said. "They don't really understand what solutions are available to them." Mr. Siragusa was chosen because of his masculine image and ability to project "the masculinity and normalcy of the condition and making men know they're not alone in this journey," she said. "He's also known as kind of a straight shooter."


Business Insider

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