By Jimmy Traina
April 25, 2013

Where Will They Go?

NFL Draft NFL Draft :: AP

In today's A.M. Hot Clicks, we linked to an NFL Draft drinking game. If you're looking another way to spice up your draft experience this evening, you can always head over to and play some prop bets. A few of the bets offered on notable players' draft position are listed below. You can see all the prop bets here.

Geno Smith  2013 NFL Draft Position

Over: 8½  (-175)

Under: 8½ (+135)

Matt Barkley  2013 NFL Draft Position

Over: 37½ (+170)

Under: 37½  (-250)

Marcus Lattimore  2013 NFL Draft Position

Over: 84½  (-200)

Under: 84½ (+150)

Tavon Austin 2013 NFL Draft Position

Over: 13½ (+150)

Under: 13½  (-200)

Manti Te'o 2013 NFL Draft Position

Over: 25½ (+150)

Under: 25½  (-200)

Tyrann Mathieu 2013 NFL Draft Position

Over/Under: 75½

Speaking Of The NFL Draft...

Hot Clicks tips its cap to Chiefs tight end Tony Moeaki for this tweet in which he encourages people to prank potential draft picks.

Last One On The NFL Draft...

No matter who your team drafts tonight, don't get overly excited. This collection of headlines will show you why it's best not to expect a miracle.

Lovely Lady Of The Day

Model Leticia Cline gets today's LLOD honors.

This Has To Happen

I'm not a big bobblehead guy, but Eye on Baseball has an ongoing series in which the site designs bobbleheads that MLB teams should give away. There is no doubt the Rangers need to make this gem which commemorates the 20th anniversary of the Nolan Ryan-Robin Ventura brawl.

GIF Of The Day

No, it's not umpire John Hirschbeck taking a foul tip to a sensitive area last night. It's the five of Yu Darvish's pitches at one time.

Sports Video Of The Day

The popularity of the NFL Draft is higher than ever. People are just losing their minds with excitement. They're even analyzing players who don't exist.

Tough Guy Video Of The Day

This old guy doesn't let a little thing like getting hit by a truck stop him from continuing on with his day.

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